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Diary of a Home Renovation

November 3, 2020 | Zach Child Zach Child

In this step-by-step diary of a recent Sundae home renovation, we provide a glimpse into our process of maintaining the character, charm, and functionality of a single family home. 

At Sundae, we take pride in our ability to breathe new life into dated and distressed homes. Being the “homebuyers with heart” requires us to treat each house we work on with attention and care. 

When we purchase a home, we agree to an unspoken commitment to do everything possible to ensure the home is restored to a like new condition. 

In this unique case study, we present a timeline of a full home renovation Sundae recently finished. We walk you through some of the key moments and milestones of the process, with images showing progress along the way.

Project Completion Status: 0%


Before we started our work, we had to empty the house. When you sell with Sundae, we let you leave whatever you want in the house and we take care of it at no extra cost. 

From the start, this property was in good condition, but needed some cosmetic updates. We decided that the flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms could benefit from an overhaul. Over the course of the project, we addressed every part of the home that needed some love.

Project Completion Status: 5%


Sundae rehab day 58

This rehab began right when COVID-19 hit, so we had to wait a while before we could get started. You’ll notice a big gap between the start of the rehab and this point.

Luckily, our team adapted to the new normal, and we equipped ourselves with the proper PPE and safety guidelines. Two of the biggest projects that needed to be completed in this house were the kitchen and the bathrooms. We had to take out some of the walls in the master bathroom to optimize the layout.

Project Completion Status: 50%

Sundae rehab day 110b

At this stage, material install was the focus in the bathrooms. In the master bath, we moved the shower from the left side of the room to the back, and increased its size by almost double.

We always install tile all the way to the ceiling to give our bathrooms a more luxurious feel. The guest bathroom also got a complete makeover, but with minor tweaks. We thought the room was a bit cramped before, so we opted for a smaller vanity paired with a fun decorative mirror. The finishes in this bathroom carry a Spanish theme you can see throughout the home.

Project Completion Status: 70%
Sundae rehab day 126

Sundae rehab day 126b

Sundae rehab day 126c

At this stage of the project, most of the interior painting was completed. The master and guest bathrooms were mostly done, and we installed an iron and glass barn door on the master bath. All lighting fixtures were installed throughout the property. In the kitchen, the new tile has been installed, and we were getting ready to install the new cabinets and appliances.

Project Completion Status: 75%
Sundae rehab day 141


Sundae rehab day 141b

Sundae rehab day 141c

Things are so close to being done! At this point, our contractor was hard at work doing all the final details and touch-ups prior to staging. 

As you can see, the new engineered flooring in the living room complements the rest of the finishes we chose inside the home. The tile on the fireplace hearth was installed and the new chandeliers on the first floor have been hung. The master and guest bathrooms are complete. Now, we just needed to finish the kitchen before doing a final cleaning.

Project Completion Status: 90%
Sundae rehab day 160


Sundae rehab day 160b

Sundae rehab day 160c

Time to wrap this kitchen! We chose to keep the counters white to go with the rest of the room. Installing these counters was a breeze for our team. And for the exterior details, the final coat of paint is up, and our new wood gate has been installed. We are officially ready to stage!

Project Completion Status: 100%
Sundae rehab finish

Sundae rehab finished kitchen

Sundae rehab finished living room

Sundae rehabd finished bathroom

Another home given the Sundae treatment!

This property was a fun one for our team. Dalas, Sundae's Interior Design Team Lead, walked through the property prior to staging to decide on how to best bring out the natural beauty of the house before complimenting it with appropriate furnishings and accessories. 

The rehab took longer than expected due to COVID-19, but we were able to address safety concerns without limiting the potential for a beautiful renovation. 

We hope showing the stages of this rehab provide a better understanding of how Sundae revitalizes a home while maintaining its heart! 


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