Reviews from Sundae Non-Customers

July 9, 2020 | Team Sundae Team Sundae

A sampling of reviews about Sundae from non-customers, or homeowners who did not sell their house to us.

The Sundae mission is to help homeowners get the best outcome when selling a house that needs some love. We carefully selected the phrase “best outcome” because we know that for many customers, selling to Sundae is not ideal. But these sellers still need our help. 

Our Customer Advisors and Market Experts believe in providing consultation, advice, and honest answers to all customers. Even when it does not encourage them to sell to Sundae. We believe that in the long run, doing the right thing, regardless of whether it closes a sale, will be what is best for our business. So we strive to give a five start service to everyone who gets in touch with us. 

The following reviews were left by customers who did not sell their house to Sundae. Satisfying these customers is just as important to us as it is to help the ones who do transact with us. You can find more reviews of Sundae on our Reviews page.


Yelp review Sundae

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Better Business Bureau Sundae review

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Google review Geoff

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