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Ways To Sell Your Home

Josh Stech Josh Stech

The way you sell your home makes a huge difference to your outcome. Traditionally you have had two ways to sell your home using a realtor or to a property investor. Now there is a third option that can offer some sellers a significantly better outcome.

With a realtor. If your house is in market-ready condition, this can make a lot of sense. However, if your house does not have a modern up to date feel or if it needs repairs, this can be a long path as these homes can take a long time to sell. Houses that sit on the market for a long time are typically sold at a steep discount. Also, be careful with realtors. The majority of them have very little actual experience (tip: ask how many homes they have sold personally in the last year, not their company) and all charge high fees, typically 6%.

For homes that are not market-ready, an option is to sell to a property developer or what is known as a “cash buyer.” There are many, and you may have received their postcards in the mail. The first instinct is to be wary of these guys, and for good reason. They make a living by negotiating deep discounts on homes. Your discount is their profit margin.

A new option, Sundae, is a marketplace for homes that are not market-ready. We have seen too many people not get all the value out of their home when they sell, and we want to change that. We are committed to paying you the highest price, and that comes with a guarantee. We can pay more because we operate on a large scale so we don’t need to make a lot per transaction, and we don’t charge realtor fees. We offer assistance, like providing a $10,000 cash advance to help with moving costs. We also provide a lot of advice to people trying to think through their options. If you get an offer, we can almost certainly beat it. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask.

One last thing to remember: Whatever situation you are facing, you should focus on what you can control. Get the most money when you need it most — always seek the best offer. Look for transaction partners who are open and honest, and are not just good at selling you on their offer.


Should I Fix My Home Before Selling It?

When it is time to sell your home, you basically have two options. You can try to list on the Multiple Listing Service platform (MLS) and use a realtor to represent you. Or you can sell to an investor who is looking to buy your house at a discount, invest in repairs and sell for a profit. If you need major repairs, or if your property is dated, likely the MLS is not a great option.