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Rancho Cucamonga is, in many ways, a traditional west coast suburb. It’s located between San Bernardino and San Diego, and it provides relatively easy access to both cities. That makes Rancho Cucamonga a popular choice for families as well as for young professionals looking for something a little quieter than what California’s biggest cities promise. Among the locals, Rancho Cucamonga is largely seen as a “bedroom town”—or a residential community that’s largely comprised of citizens who commute daily to one of the surrounding big cities. In fact, if there’s one word you could use to describe Rancho Cucamonga, it’s peacefulness. The streets are quiet, the public school systems exceptional, and the prices much fairer than what the bigger cities can promise. And as is often the case with suburbs like this, pricing is significantly more affordable, and there’s an abundance of outdoor activities to engage in. Rancho Cucamonga is also very close in proximity to a number of other suburbs. Ontario is a particularly important neighbor to take into consideration, as they’re home to an accessible and convenient airport that’s much easier to access than neighboring airports in the bigger cities. Unlike many of its neighbors, Rancho Cucamonga is a pretty densely populated neighborhood. It may be a suburb, but it comes with most of the features and amenities that residents will want in a suburban community.

Questions About Selling a House in Rancho Cucamonga

What’s the housing market like in Rancho Cucamonga?

Homeownership is the standard rather than the exception in Rancho Cucamonga, and many people move here explicitly for the opportunity to own a home they couldn’t afford in more densely populated and expensive cities like San Diego. And while the roughly half a million average price of a house may seem extravagant to people coming from less populous parts of the country, it’s actually on the lower end of cost for suburbs in the San Bernardino area. The median home value in Rancho Cucamonga is roughly half a million dollars, but that continues to grow at a steady rate. 2019 saw the average price of a home rise by about 15%, and sales have remained steady even through the uncertainty of the current Coronavirus outbreak.

How old are the houses in Rancho Cucamonga?

The houses in Rancho Cucamonga vary from historic houses to brand new developments, but there isn’t a rich heritage of saving historic properties, as is the case with many of Rancho Cucamonga’s neighbors. The city itself is very dense, and there are often houses from multiple different generations set alongside one another.

How long does it take to sell a house in Rancho Cucamonga?

The average house in Rancho Cucamonga will sell within 32 days. That’s slightly above the national average of 30 days but well within the margin of error. Selling a house in a month or less definitely isn’t out of the equation, but you can maximize your turnaround by picking the right time to sell. Multiple offers are common in Rancho Cucamonga, so maximizing your return might require a more diligent approach to negotiations.

What is the best time to sell a house in Rancho Cucamonga?

Eight months out of the year show Rancho Cucamonga houses selling at approximately the valuation of the house or higher. The period from June to October is the most lucrative for selling a home, but you should be able to get a decent deal throughout much of the year. Just be sure to steer away from the first four months of the year. Spring is typically one of the worst periods to buy a home in the United States, and that’s true of Rancho Cucamonga as well.

What taxes do I pay when selling a house in Rancho Cucamonga?

The biggest risk to your finances when selling a house in Rancho Cucamonga is capital gains tax. Capital gains can raise the cost of taxes by as much as 20%, but there are a lot of exemptions and tax discounts available to a lot of homeowners. You could end up paying close to 30% on your home’s sale, depending on the circumstances, but most homeowners should be able to decrease that number significantly.

What’s the fastest way to sell a house in Rancho Cucamonga?

If you want to sell a home in Rancho Cucamonga, you’ll definitely benefit by seeking out someone with the local resources and industry knowledge to help you sell your house quickly. Even better are services that allow you to sell your house as-is. Sundae is one of the most effective of these platforms, and they can provide you with a fair rate on your house. You can even get a cash advance, and you don’t have to worry about actually bringing your house to market or dealing with any of the other complications that come with a property sale.

Recent Reviews From Customers Near Rancho Cucamonga

Steve Winders

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“The people I dealt without throughout the whole process were great. I had reservations going in but the process was smooth and I can't thank everyone enough. It's a great team.”

Hayes Galitski

Claremont, CA

“From our first contact through closing, Sundae was upfront, transparent, and professional. Ben Ginsberg was personable and thoroughly explained the process and basis for the offer he was authorized to extend to us - on the spot! This was after he toured our home, taking approximately 60 pictures and forwarding them to Sundae's design/sales/assessment team in realtime. The offer was reasonable, we didn't need to make any repairs or improvements, and we were able to negotiate our closing date to accommodate our needs. In short, the process was simple and straightforward; exactly as described by Sundae. If you're thinking of selling your home and don't want the hassle of listing, making repairs, and having showings, check out Sundae - you've got nothing to lose!”

Ronald (Ron) Matthews

Covina, CA

“I would recommend Sundae to my best friend, you can trust this Company. The whole process went exactly as they said it would and for the most money you could expect with the least amount of intrusion on your daily schedule. Thanks again Sundae Team.”


Covina, CA

“SUNDAE performed as promised ... no muss or fuss”

Mark Williams

Escondido, CA

“Very professional and no hassles. Very pleased.”

Freddy Cruz

Escondido, CA

“Ben and the whole staff at sundae are great and we closed when they said we would less then two weeks thanks for all the hard work”

Roselyn Heck

Fontana, CA

“Sundae did all the things they said they would. Our rep Matt was very helpful and answered all of our questions. I highly recommend Sundae if your selling your home as is.”

William Davila

Hawthorne, CA

“Smooth and easy process! Sundae accommodated my every request, Thank you!”

Norma Hurst

Hemet, CA

“Sundae was prompt.”

Victor Mitchell

La Crescenta-Montrose, CA

“Everyone at Sundae did an exceptional job in the sale of my property. Sundae made it easy to sell my property. Kevin Kretzmer, Market Expert, Jennifer Wenzlaff, closing manager and Tommie Griffon, Escrow Officer were all very helpful and very professional in selling my property.”

The Sundae Difference

Sundae is changing the way homeowners sell houses that need updates or repairs. Every day our team of market experts help homeowners get the highest off-market price, on their timeline. Sundae is the only place where you can get your property in front of hundreds of investors, without any work or worry.
  • Offers from Multiple Buyers
  • 6% of purchase price plus other fees
  • Price haggling and unpredictable offer
  • Clean up and repair hassle
  • Showings and open houses
  • Long sales timeline, often 2-3+ months
  • One Opinion, One Cash Offer
  • Hidden fees at close
  • Lower prices, zero transparency
  • High-pressure sales tactics, often not trustworthy
  • Small-scale local operators not a trusted brand
  • High-risk they’ll back out, costing you time and money

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