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About Us

Our Mission

Sundae’s mission is to help owners of dated or damaged homes sell in their time of need.

Our Story

For too long, owners of distressed houses have had limited options for selling their home. As a result, these homeowners can get taken advantage of, often in their time of greatest need.

For most homeowners in America, more than 70% of their personal wealth is tied up in their home. When adverse life events occur such as death, divorce, or job loss, homeowners may need to sell in order to manage their life circumstances.

But it’s not always that easy. Houses that need repairs or renovations to bring them up-to-date can be very difficult and expensive to sell with a realtor through the traditional sales process. With out financial resources for repairs, improvements, and cleaning, a homeowner’s primary source of wealth is trapped or almost completely inaccessible.

This leaves some homeowners vulnerable to local property investors who will pay cash for a home as-is, but well below market value. They make huge profits by capitalizing on difficult situations at the seller’s expense. Typically the homeowner gets an unfair price but, because it’s their only option, they are forced to accept to address their urgent need.

We started Sundae to change this because we believe everyone deserves a champion to work for them in their time of need. Our promise is simple: More money for sellers and a partner they can trust to help them sell with confidence and ease. Our Market Experts bring 35+ years of local market experience, over 1,000 completed transactions, and a shared set of values and belief in Sundae’s mission to help those in need.

We’re here to help homeowners and we are so confident in our approach that we guarantee we’ll always offer the highest off-market price. It’s our promise to give homeowners what they need, and what they deserve.