Sell your house as-is, for the highest off-market price.

No repairs, cleanings or showings.
Pay zero fees. Fast closing.

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The Sundae Promise

Multiple Cash Offers

Thousands of local investors compete to buy your dated or damaged house. Why trust one offer when you could have several?

No Repairs Needed

Sell in any condition. No repairs, clean ups, or showings. Sell fast without the work or worry of traditional selling.

Fast Closing

Close in as little as 10 days or up to 60 days. Once you’ve agreed to an offer, you may be eligible for a cash advance of up to $20,000.

When You Should Turn To Sundae

Sundae specializes in helping you sell your house off-market for the highest price. We’ve helped sellers in situations like these and more:

Property is dated or in need of repairs

Downsizing or relocation due to retirement

Structural issues, unpermitted work or condemned houses

Inheriting a property you can’t keep

Financial distress such as medical bills or foreclosure

Sudden or unexpected life events

Vacant or problematic rental house

Damage from natural disasters

The Sundae Difference

Sundae is revolutionizing the way homeowners sell houses that need repairs. Every day our team of Market Experts help homeowners sell their house in poor condition fast and for the highest off-market price possible. Sundae is the only marketplace where thousands of investors are waiting to get you competitive offers, without any work or worry.

Traditional Sales Process
  • Offers from multiple buyers
  • 6% of purchase price plus other fees
  • Long sales timeline, often 2-3+ months
  • Clean up and repair hassle
  • Showings and open houses
  • Price haggling and unpredictable offer
  • Compare cash offers from multiple investors
  • ZERO FEES to Sundae to sell your home
  • Highest off-market price
  • Sell AS-IS, no cleanup, repairs, or showings
  • You may be eligible for up to a $20,000 cash advance before closing
  • Close in just 10 days, or move at your pace, up to 60 days
Property Investor
  • One opinion, one cash offer
  • Hidden fees at close
  • Lower prices, zero transparency
  • High-pressure sales tactics, often not trustworthy
  • High-risk they’ll back out, costing you time and money
  • Small-scale local operators, not a trusted brand

What Our Customers are Saying

As Seen on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil and Sundae are teaming up to develop resources so homeowners can avoid stress and sell worry-free.

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We're Your Advocates

Our founding team has over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry. For too long we’ve seen owners of dated and damaged homes get a bad deal, settling for less than what they deserve.

We created Sundae to change that.

Sundae is one of the largest marketplaces that connects homeowners to thousands of local investors who compete to buy your dated or damaged house as-is. This competition generates multiple cash offers instead of just one, giving you the peace of mind that you will receive a fair price.

For homeowners trying to evaluate the tradeoffs of selling on or off-market, we’re here to help advise on that decision. Our home assessment, scope of work for necessary repairs, and offer are free. It is our goal to empower the home seller with all of the information needed to make the best decision for themselves, at no cost.

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