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How Sundae Works

Sundae makes selling your home simple and worry-free so you can have confidence and peace of mind at every step. No repairs, cleaning, or showings. Get the highest price and close with confidence on your timeline.

Step 1

Request an offer.

Complete our offer request form

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Step 2

Connect with a Customer Advisor.

We’ll be in touch to gather additional info and learn about your needs

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Step 3

Complete brief home visit.

A Sundae Market Expert will 
conduct a brief home visit

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Step 4

Receive and accept your offer.

Our offer is free and we take less margin than the competition so we can offer you the highest price. 

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Step 5

Get a $10,000 cash advance.

Once the inspection is complete, get up to $10,000 as a cash advance, if you need it.

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Step 6

Close and move on your timeline.

Close in as little as 10 days, or take your time and move up to 60 days after accepting our offer. 

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Frequently asked questions

In which cities does Sundae buy homes?

We are currently operating in Southern California.

What fees do I pay when I sell to Sundae?

None! You pay no fees when you sell your house to Sundae.

How do you offer the highest price?

Our business is built on the promise of paying sellers more than anyone else. Sundae is able to offer you more for your house than any other off-market competitor because we have a different way of doing business. We’re willing to earn less per transaction than other buyers, and we can afford to because of our scale and efficiency. It’s a win-win. Sellers earn more, and Sundae continues to grow.

How is Sundae different than competitors, e.g., flippers, property investors, and so called ugly home buyers?

Our competitors’ objective is to buy from you at as low a price as possible – it is how they make money. We aim to pay sellers as much money as possible. We can afford to because of Sundae’s operational scale and efficiency.