Selling Scam-Free

Your guide to protecting yourself and rooting out homebuyer scams.

Sundae is On Your Side

We believe there’s a better way — a win-win way — to do business without exploiting people. Our mission is to end the scam culture in our industry, one enlightened home-seller at a time. Read on about how you can guard yourself against the predators waiting for you on the market.

The Fight to Get a Fair Price

See why purging the wholesale industry of predators is crucial for getting you top dollar.

Spotting a Scam Before You’re In One

A comprehensive overview of all the rip-offs and scams lurking in wait for a seller.

This sales tactic typically gives the seller far less than market value of their home.

Avoid these scams by understanding how off-market buyers work and being able to spot red flags.

Not all offers you get will represent the final amount you’ll end up seeing in your bank account

Here are some of the top schemes and shady behaviors scammers use.

You don't always have to go through the long, traditional home sales process.

Avoid these common home selling mistakes and sell your house without worry or added expense.

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Selling on an Honest Marketplace

How to sell your property at top price, step-by-step.

How do you determine what is a fair offer price when selling your home in as-is condition?

There's many reasons to sell your home to an investor versus selling on the traditional market.

Everyone wants to make sure they’re getting a good deal, and it always pays to be prepared.

Avoid the hassle of getting the house market-ready by selling your home as-is.

Sundae’s Marketplace is one of the largest off-market platforms at your disposal.

Sundae is Changing Things

Our mission is to help homeowners get the price they deserve when it’s time to sell. For too long, homes that simply need some love end up getting shortchanged by predatory buyers, and sell for way less than they’re worth. Let’s change that.

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Ending Predatory Practices

When you hear the word “wholesaling,” the term may conjure images of dairy flats, bolts of fabric, or other goods sold in bulk. It’s a term well known in the retail industry, but what many people may not know is that wholesaling is also common practice in the residential real estate world, and it generates massive profits that homeowners never see.

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