What to Expect at Your Marketplace Appointment

As you embark on your journey with Sundae, it’s important to know what to expect at your marketplace appointment. This is your step-by-step guide.

A marketplace appointment is one of the most important steps in the home selling process. The purpose of a marketplace appointment is to help us gather more information about your house and to show you how we can help.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a Sundae team member, get your questions answered, and give a tour of your home. Using the information we gather, our team will be able to provide you with our best estimate of what to list your house for on Sundae’s Marketplace. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the difference between an in-person and virtual appointment?

After speaking with a Sundae team member, you’ve successfully scheduled a marketplace appointment. You may have opted for an in-person visit if you felt comfortable. There’s also the option to meet virtually. Before your meeting, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing everything.

When it comes to actually meeting, there’s really only one slight nuance between the two choices. At an in-person appointment, a Market Expert will arrive at your house at the predetermined time you scheduled. A virtual appointment will take place on Zoom– so make sure that you have good wifi connection and are familiar with the platform. Then, all you’ll need to do is click the link from our email and log on at the time of your appointment.Aside from this, everything else will be more or less the same.

What happens at the appointment?

Your marketplace appointment will probably take about an hour. During your meeting with one of our Market Experts, there are a few things that they will need to cover. There are a few basic steps that occur at every marketplace appointment that you should anticipate.

Step 1: Go through our questionnaire

Prior to your meeting, the Market Expert will review any notes that they have on your home from your conversations with other Sundae team members. They will use this to fill out basic information. It will also help them project a potential after repair value (ARV) and estimate the potential range your house will sell for on our marketplace.

At the beginning of your meeting, you’ll answer questions about your house to gather insights such as:

  • The age of your roof
  • Your HVAC’s age and repair history
  • Information about your main source of water, sewer, and plumbing
  • Materials used in your house’s interior and exterior
  • Whether or not you’re in an HOA along with related documents
  • Your mortgage balance
  • Any damages, repairs, improvements, or upgrades to your house

As you can see, these examples cover a variety of areas that impact the value of your home and potential updates that are needed. These will be used to help further evaluate pricing.

Step 2: Do a walk through of the property

Once the basic information and questionnaire are covered, it’s time to do a walk through. This helps the Market Expert get a feel for the area, confirm what you discussed in the questionnaire, and enables them to see the level of repair something might need.Typically, this will start by getting a look at the exterior of your home and the neighborhood as a whole. As you make your way inside you’ll want to show the Market Expert repairs as well as things you mentioned that need updating. Although every room matters, the main areas of focus will be the kitchen and your bathrooms. These rooms often appeal most to buyers and also tend to make up a larger percentage of any renovation.

Step 3: Review the Marketplace Agreement

Based on the information gathered during your conversation and walk through, your Market Expert will be able to estimate a potential offer range for your house. They can answer questions about how they came to that number and help you determine if it makes sense to list your home on our marketplace.

If you decide that you’d like to sell as is with Sundae, the final step is to review the Marketplace Agreement. Essentially this is a listing agreement specifically designed for our marketplace. You’ll have time to review it and ask any questions that you may have about any of the terms. From there, it’s up to you!

What are the next steps after an appointment?

After signing the Marketplace Agreement, you’re well on your way to selling your home. These next steps give you an idea of what will be coming your way in the near future.

  • The very next step is an inspection. A field advisor will come with the inspector to do everything from take pictures, compile an inspection report, and create a 3D tour of your house. All of this might take an hour and a half or so.
  • From there, the information gathered will be used to set up your listing. It will go live not long after the inspection, but this varies depending on the situation. You will also receive an email with a link to the home inspection, a virtual tour, deadline of offers
  • Once the listing is live, you’ll begin receiving offers and choose whether you’d like to accept any. If you decide to accept, you’ll then enter the closing process.

One step closer

As you consider your options for selling with Sundae, a marketplace appointment helps provide clarity. You’ll get to meet with a Market Expert who will be your guide throughout the process. From there, you’ll be one step closer to selling!

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