From Tired to Trendy: A San Diego Home Renovation

In this Sundae home renovation, we see how our design team modernized an outdated property while reviving its original beachy charm.

Helping families is a core value of the Sundae promise. We do our very best to help families who are not only looking to sell their houses, but to those who are looking for a new place to call home.

When we undertake a renovation, we make a commitment to do our very best to create a like-new home that will cater to the needs of its future residents.

This Sundae Rehab Story focuses on a property that was in dire need of some love, on both the inside and out. Located in the heart of San Diego, the house contained untapped character that we aimed to revive in our renovation. The goal was to modernize this property while staying true to its original beachy charm. Regardless of the challenges faced during the project, our design team came through and turned this aging home into a modern bungalow.

Day 0

Once this property was vacant, our team made sure to remove all belongings that were left behind. This property had some very woodsy cabinets in the entryway with a matching finish on the fireplace in the living room. Despite once being trendy, we decided it was in our best interest to remove these dilapidated features before we could get moving on the rehab.

The front of the home was in dire need of some TLC. The ground cover needed torn up to make way for some lovely grass, and the exterior of the home needed some reimagining.

The walls were stripped of their wallpaper, and the wall in the kitchen needed to be removed so we could create a more open concept great room. Lots of work left to be done, but we can 100% see the potential.

Day 37 (5% complete)

A lot has happened in the last month or so! We took out that wall in the kitchen, which allowed us to fit both the kitchen and dining area in the same space.

Now that demo is complete, the next phase of construction involves all of the framing, plumbing, and electrical. We are framing in dual closets in the master, updating all of the old plumbing, and installing new recessed lighting throughout the home. Fun Fact: One thing we always do in our rehabs is raise the shower heads so buyers of all sizes can shower comfortably.

Day 43 (10% complete)

All of the framing and plumbing is complete! Now the construction team is preparing for drywall install. Thereafter, things start moving pretty quickly. All that’s left is for a few J-boxes to be switched out, and we will be ready to hang drywall!

Day 52 (15% complete)

The drywall is almost complete! The construction team is smoothing out the seams in preparation for paint. At this point, all of the design selections have been made to bring this beachy modern bungalow to life. Everything will be light, bright, and reminiscent of the Point Loma lifestyle.

Day 78 (40% complete)

Both the front and back decks of this property felt a bit dated, so we went ahead and updated the wood railings to a more modern, horizontal style. When we promise to restore a dated property to like-new condition, we aim to do so not only on the interior of the home, but also on the exterior. We always strive to be the best looking house on the block!

Now the fun begins! Tile is going in at the master bath. Our design team landed on a mix of natural materials, and here you see marble thassos going in on the shower walls.

Day 98 (65% complete)

Things are beginning to take shape in this project. The interior walls of the property were painted Behr White Pepper PPU23-13, one of our favorite soft whites, paired with a crisp Behr Polar Bear 75 on the ceilings, trims, and doors. None of the lights have been installed, so the house appears to be a bit dim in these photos. But that is going to change once this project is completed.

As you can see, the tile in the master bathroom has been completed in this stage. On floor of the master bath, we installed beautiful slate tile. We cover the tile as soon as it’s installed to protect it until it’s time to list the house. The only thing left to do is to install both the glass and the shower head.

Day 108 (75% complete)

A lot has happened between this stage and the last. Our team of painters went ahead and gave the exterior of this property a fresh coat of paint. This navy color was chosen carefully to pair well next to the tile on the barbecue and fit in with the neighborhood as a whole. We also installed all new hardwood flooring throughout the house. We landed on a lighter color for the flooring to really bring out the beach vibe we were going for in this renovation. Nothing says San Diego like a beach home!

Installation of the new cabinets in the kitchen had begun at this stage. We needed to get the layout down before we could go ahead and install the new quartz countertops and backsplash.

Both bathroom vanities were also installed at this phase. The design is really starting to come to life!

Day 115 (90% complete)

Check out the new and improved great room! We chose to install this beachy rattan pendant in the new designated dining room to create that perfect separation between the living room and kitchen. We also made a last-minute decision to install shiplap behind the peninsula to add yet another coastal element to the kitchen. It’s all about the details!

The new kitchen appliances have been brought in and are in the process of being installed. The glass has been installed in the master bathroom shower, just waiting for the grand reveal of the flooring!

Day 120 (98% complete)

Time to add the finishing touches to this project. At this point all of the fixtures are installed and it was time to bring in a local staging company to get us ready to list! The stagers came in and decorated this property with some beautiful furniture to really help buyers envision themselves living here. Just a few punch list items left for our construction team, and we will be 100% and ready to list.

Day 122 (100% complete)

Can you even recognize this home from the photos listed at the top of this article? It almost seems as if this is a completely different home. Our goal in every renovation is to make the home feel entirely new but suited to the existing architecture and neighborhood. All of the design elements came together to make this beach home feel custom and unique.

Our goal in taking you through the steps of this rehabilitation is to show you how Sundae approaches renovations and to display a different style than we’ve shown before. We put a lot of thought and care into this Beachy Bungalow and we hope the future buyers love their new home.

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Dalas Dodd

Dalas Dodd is Sundae's Interior Design Team Lead. In this role Dalas is integrally involved in efforts to redesign and restore dated and damaged houses, with an emphasis on preserving the original character and charm of each home. Prior to Sundae, Dalas was a designer and project manager with Wedgewood Inc., a California-based real estate investment and rehab company.