6 Tips for Styling Your Holiday Mantel

The centerpiece of holiday decorating, a mantel offers the opportunity to feature all the festive styles of the season. Here are 6 tips to decorate your holiday mantel and make it stand out.

Decorating for the holidays is a common practice in many households throughout the U.S. But if you’re unsure where to begin, why not start at the hearth of your home? If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace mantel in your home, you should absolutely highlight this amazing centerpiece to showcase your favorite ornaments, decorations, or collectibles.

Although hanging stockings from your holiday mantel is the most common decoration practice, it’s not your only option. Why not take some risks and challenge your design skills with a few recommendations that we guarantee will amaze everyone who sees them. We tapped the collective knowledge of Sundae’s interior designers to come up with these six tips.

1. Go green

Every holiday mantel starts with a base of leafy greens. Whether you go with fresh or faux, greenery brings life to your fireplace mantel. While pine is a classic you can’t go wrong with, if you’re looking to switch it up this year we love the look of eucalyptus, rosemary, and magnolia.

2. Light the way

No mantel is complete without some twinkling lights or candles to bring out that holiday ambiance. Dress up your greenery with some soft LED string lights or add a set of candle holders for height and interest.

3. Hang your stockings

No holiday fireplace mantel is finished without Christmas stockings! We know stocking traditions run deep, but if you’re looking to keep it neutral this year we suggest pairing some creme knitted stockings or burlap stockings with the rest of your holiday decor.

5. Find your “festive”

This is where you can let your personality shine. Bring in an element of festive decor or a family heirloom to make the holiday mantel yours. Here are a few of our favorite pieces to emphasize that final touch of holiday cheer!

6. Don’t forget the hearth!

While the mantel is the main focus, it’s important to add something to your hearth to balance out the visuals. A wicker basket with cozy blankets or firewood is great to keep year round. Swap out the blankets for pine cones for an alternate look. You could also add a mini-Christmas tree or even a few wrapped Christmas presents to the hearth to bring the look together

Finally, if you don’t have a fireplace, we have a bonus idea. Prop up a ladder near your tree and hang your stockings from it. Keep it and use it year round as a decor item and throw-blanket storage.

Ladder mantel

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Dalas Dodd

Dalas Dodd is Sundae's Interior Design Team Lead. In this role Dalas is integrally involved in efforts to redesign and restore dated and damaged houses, with an emphasis on preserving the original character and charm of each home. Prior to Sundae, Dalas was a designer and project manager with Wedgewood Inc., a California-based real estate investment and rehab company.