Day in the Life of an Investor Advisor at Sundae

At Sundae, Investor Advisors play a huge role in managing relationships. Here’s an in-depth look at what it’s like to be an Investor Advisor at Sundae.

Real estate investors fuel the demand for off-market home sales. Investors vary widely in expertise and exit strategies. Some work as individuals, while others may work for larger companies. While one investor may plan to rehab and sell, others may have a different exit strategy in mind. Regardless of the strategy, investors need to have access to properties.

But how do investors use Sundae’s Marketplace? Who do they interact with? What resources do they have available to them?

This is where Sundae’s team of Investor Advisors steps in. This team was created with the sole purpose of helping investors on our platform be successful at every stage of their process.

In this article, you’ll learn who Sundae’s Investor Advisors are, and how they help facilitate a key part of our operations.

Meet Tristan Seeney

Tristan (CADRE 02110840) and other Investor Advisors play a crucial role at Sundae. They help facilitate communication between homeowners and investors on our marketplace.

Tristan brings a ton of experience to his team. Before joining Sundae, he worked as both an investor advisor to another real estate company and as a senior asset manager at a national home loan company. This prior experience equipped Tristan with the technical skills required to succeed as an advisor here at Sundae.

As one of Sundae’s Investor Advisors, Tristan’s group is a one-stop-shop for all things related to money. This includes underwriting deals and working as a team to ensure the happiness of both sellers and investors. Tristan currently works with over 300 different investors, and is excited to take on more as Sundae continues to grow.

Each investor is different. Tristan actively works to set time each day to check in with his investors. This requires Tristan to actively track individual investor’s needs and answer questions specific to that person’s situation. If any of Tristan’s investors need to reach him, he makes sure to tell them that he’s only a phone call away. With this as an integral part of his day, it’s not surprising that Tristan’s favorite part of being an Investor Advisor is building relationships with the investors he serves.

Key responsibilities

Daily account management is something Tristan keeps at the top of his mind on a daily basis.A typical day for Tristan includes:

  • Communicating with investors
  • Managing and publishing new opportunities onto the marketplace and notifying investors of these properties
  • Checking in on existing deals with investors to ensure that they are maximizing their revenue
  • Nurturing and growing relationships with onboarded and new investors on Sundae’s marketplace
  • Helping investors maximize their returns by advising them on their investments

Investor Advisors are also responsible for onboarding new investors. This requires cultivating relationships with local real estate investors. This is done via meet-ups, referrals, and social media scouting. Getting as many investors as possible on our platform is a large part of this position.

“Investors use Sundae because they feel that we are trustworthy and provide valuable opportunities, ” said Tristan.

Many homeowners avoid selling off-market with an investor as they have doubts regarding their efficacy. Wholesalers have recently garnered national attention for their predatory practices such as price gouging and bait-and-switch. Sundae tries to help assuage the fear homeowners have of working with investors. We also vet every investor that joins our marketplace. We have the interest of the investor and homeowner in mind with every transaction.

Our dedicated team of advisors work to help investors on our marketplace reach their full potential. The purpose of this team is to aid investors in all parts of their operations. If you have a question, your dedicated advisor is only a phone call away.

Establishing an investor marketplace

We created our marketplace to benefit both sellers and investors equally. For investors, the marketplace offers many benefits that other avenues don’t. Sundae’s marketplace brings investors a curated set of off-market properties that are ready for offers. You’ll receive updates twice daily, so your lead funnel is never empty. The best part? It’s easy to sign up.

Sundae’s Investor Advisors offer investors a variety of reports, including number of deals made in your market per month, flip duration, and can help you leverage the power of data to make an informed bid.

Every investor is different, and our team is trained to understand the needs of each one. We want investors on our platform to get the best outcome for each property. Our goal is to help each investor navigate our marketplace. There is a bit of nuance to it, so that’s why our Investor Advisors are so important.

Whether it’s your first property or your tenth, our Investor Advisors are here to help you in any way they can. Whether it’s discussing your exit strategy or setting expectations for a property under contract, Advisors like Tristan are here to serve your needs.

Navigating our Marketplace may seem daunting at first. But with the help of an Advisor like Tristan, being successful on our platform is at the top of our minds.

Joining the marketplace is as simple as signing up. The best part? It’s completely free to join. With advisors like Tristan on your side, finding and managing properties has never been easier.

A resource whenever you need it

Being people-focused and acting as a resource for investors is the standard of excellence for Tristan and the other members of the Investor Advisor team. “Social skills, the ability to negotiate, account management and market awareness” are the skills required of each member, in Tristan’s mind.

Our team of dedicated Investor Advisors will always be there for you when you need them. Any questions or concerns are answered in real-time. For Tristan, helping guide new investors through our platform is a perk that comes with the job. Success on our platform is on the top of his mind all day, every day.

Because of the importance of this role, individuals who are interested in joining our team of Investor Advisors need to meet a certain set of criteria. In Tristan’s opinion, Investor Advisors need to be “empathetic, kind, knowledgeable, outgoing, charismatic, and trustworthy.” These skills enable members of our Investor Advisor team to properly handle any questions or concerns investors may have. We want our investors to feel they have a resource in their advisor who can help them in any way they need.

Managing relationships between investors and Sundae is crucial, so individuals who are people-focused are highly regarded here in the Sundae family.

Our Investor Advisor team is spread across the country in each of Sundae’s markets. 2021 was the year of expansion for Sundae. We grew from four markets to over 20 this year, and plan to continue growing in 2022. We plan on hiring dedicated Investor Advisors in the majority of our markets.

Become an Investor Advisor

As Sundae continues to expand nationwide, we are looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Investor Advisor team. Individuals who are interested in applying for this role need to be people-oriented. You will act as a liaison between Sundae and our customers.

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