Flippers: Be Very Wary of Veri Peri

Veri Peri might be Pantone’s color of the year, but what about those looking to sell their homes? Flippers need to consider resale value. That means finding colors that appeal to a wider audience.

In December Pantone announced Veri Peri as its color of the year. While we can agree that this is a stunning shade of purple, it might not work for all audiences. When it comes to home renovation and flipping houses, I can confidently say that this color should be cautiously considered.


Because when it comes to remodeling for resale, it is essential to select paint and materials in color ways that will appeal to the majority of your buyer pool. While you may love purple, installing for example a purple kitchen or purple bathroom tile might not work in your favor when the home is listed. Not to say that you can’t be bold in your color selections, but I would advise you to think twice before saying yes to Veri Peri.

However, Pantone wasn’t the only company that released their “color of the year.” Several of the most popular paint companies have hopped aboard this trend to reveal their own colors of the year, and many of these shades will certainly be more suitable to incorporate into your next remodel.


House with Breezeway color

To kick us off, Behr Breezeway. It is best described as, “a relaxed and uplifting sea glass green expressing peace and tranquility for forward movement.” This shade of green is exquisitely peaceful and certainly boasts an air of tranquility; a feeling of calm I agree we could all use. Before you paint an entire room this color, you consider your audience and general rules of thumb. When it comes to a general wall color we typically stick to whites or neutrals. Instead, I would love to see this color accented on a front door or exterior shutters. This color also pairs beautifully with light grey exterior paint with white trim as a stunning accent to draw buyers in.

Art and Craft

Art and Craft Interior color

Another beautiful color of the year is this muted earthy brown called Art and Craft by Dunn-Edwards. This is certainly another neutral color that could take a more prominent feature in your renovations. It looks especially beautiful when serving as exterior accents such as door and window trim on a Spanish or Mediterranean style home. Additionally, this would be beautiful as an accent wall of either a bedroom or office in a more contemporary home.

Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog Interior

Keeping in line with this earth tone trend we are seeing (besides Veri Peri, of course), Sherwin Williams’ color of the year is Evergreen Fog. This calming gray green hue is suitable in almost any scenario, but I will definitely try to incorporate it into my next remodel as a kitchen cabinet color. Evergreen Fog is the perfect shade of green for anyone that wants to test out colored cabinetry, but is worried about too bold of an outcome. It is neutral enough that it will appeal to a mass audience, while possessing enough color to make a statement.

Evergreen fog exterior

With this color’s versatility, I would love to also see it tested out on the exterior. Homes with siding or shingles are potentially great fits. This would be especially beautiful on any craftsman home paired with crisp white trim and a black front door for a classic look.

October Mist

October Mist kitchen

Lastly, Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is October Mist. This color isn’t that far off from Evergreen Fog but is a few shades lighter. My initial reaction was “wow I would love to do laundry in a space that was painted this color!”

The laundry room is a place where you can have a little fun–design wise anyways. It also works well for homes painted for resale. Furthermore, it would be a beautiful color to incorporate on the walls, cabinets, or even a ceiling accent!

Earthy tones are in

With the exception of Veri Peri, each of the aforementioned colors evoke a sense of nature. These earthy tones symbolize the feeling of new life and growth. These resonate with man buyers looking for new homes. As you begin to design your next flip, consider ways that you can incorporate these stellar colors of the year.

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Dalas Dodd

Dalas Dodd is Sundae's Interior Design Team Lead. In this role Dalas is integrally involved in efforts to redesign and restore dated and damaged houses, with an emphasis on preserving the original character and charm of each home. Prior to Sundae, Dalas was a designer and project manager with Wedgewood Inc., a California-based real estate investment and rehab company.