Good Answer: CEO Josh Stech Shares his Favorite Edge Membership Features

Sundae CEO and Co-Founder, Josh Stech, introduces Edge — a premium membership with exclusive product features. These features help Edge members stay ahead of the competition and win more opportunities.

This episode of Good Answer features the man who brought his vision of Sundae to life: Josh Stech. He has a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of real estate from a variety of perspectives. As a founding member of LendingHome, he combined a knack for financing properties with innovative technology. Before that, he flipped a multitude of properties and learned how to operate all facets of the business. These experiences ultimately led him to Sundae.

In 2021, Forbes recognized Sundae as a potential billion-dollar company. The marketplace connects investors with exclusive properties from homeowners looking to sell their houses as-is. Building upon this key innovation in the real estate space, Sundae now offers a premium membership to enhance its investor experience: Edge.

What is your favorite new feature?

The new AutoOffer feature is a real game changer. It enables investors to set parameters around offers such as a starting point, max bid, and increase increments. Since most investors are already busy with their personal lives and business operations, automation is a critical advantage.

With instant notifications if another investor offers above you, you can act quickly and decide if you want to place another bid. One of the luxuries of this feature is the level of control that you have. AutoOffer protects you from overpaying – helping you ultimately win more deals while saving money in the process.

Simply plug in your credentials and let the tool do the rest.

Edge users get the jump on completed sales days before they even appear online public records. This gives you an element of exclusivity that you can’t get anywhere else. Accurately assess property values with comps no one else has access to.

Sundae Funding+

Sundae Funding+ is our premium lending service available to paying Edge members in select states. There are some fantastic benefits to having access. First of all, you can get expedited 5 day closings. This lightning quick option can be incredibly persuasive to homeowners looking to sell fast. It also gets you into the property faster.

Sundae Funding+ also waives late fees for deals when we have setbacks on the lending side. That way, there’s not an extra line item eating into your bottom line. Finally, you’ll receive a distinct badge on your offer when you bid. The bage will show sellers that you’re able to close quicker than other investors which is more enticing for homeowners eager to sell.

Why property investors should upgrade to an Edge or Edge + membership

Josh mentions that Sundae has a tiered membership program. The first tier is the Essential plan which still gives you Sundae’s core advantages and tools. However, the Essential plan will have limited offers that you can place in a single market. It also doesn’t include any Edge features that give investors an advantage over the competition.

Then there’s Edge. You’ll get access to AutoOffer, Sundae Funding+ (with all of the benefits mentioned above), and other exclusive features. Additionally, you can place offers in up to three markets.

Edge+ is the top-tier. Its differentiating factor is the ability to place offers in all of Sundae’s active markets. This enables you to exponentially expand your business.

Stay ahead with Sundae Edge

With Sundae’s new premium membership program — Edge, our property investors have the resources to scale business like never before. Sundae continues to provide high quality off-market inventory right to your inbox. But Edge is the cherry on top that takes buying and selling in real estate to a whole new level.

Get notified of new deals and your offer position, set your max offer and let us do the rest with the new AutoOffer feature. Not to mention, investors will save time and money by using our premium lending service Sundae Funding+. Now is the time to be a part of something great in real estate — a resourceful community with powerful tools at your disposal.

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Rob Marini

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