5 Great Books for Real Estate Investors

Whether you need inspiration or practical how-to advice, these five books on real estate and investment fit the bill.

Real estate investment books offer a lay of the land — a space to start thinking about the whys and hows of real estate investment. Whether you want to get into rental investment property, to flip a property, or to understand how real estate can make money, these books can help. Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on seminars or flubbing a property deal and being out thousands, get your head straight with one of these great books for real estate investors.

Building Wealth One House at a Time

By John Schaub

This updated and expanded edition of real estate entrepreneur John Schaub’s book walks you through how to buy, finance, and manage single-family properties and make money. As any would-be real estate investor knows, that can be easier said than done. Schaub emphasizes the importance of finding the right tenants to build cash flow and notes how being a good landlord can benefit you financially. He offers advice on what kinds of property to buy, when and how to use debt, ideal cash flow scenarios, and much more.

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Understand About Cash Flow

By Frank Gallinelli

Confused about how to run the numbers on a real estate investment? This book demystifies real estate investment terms like net present volume, internal rate of return, and profitability index. Case studies bring the formulas and numbers to life. The author, Frank Gallinelli, is a Yale graduate, an adjunct assistant professor in Columbia University’s Master of Science in Real Estate Development program, and a writer with a calling to make real estate investment accessible to everyone.

The Flipping Blueprint

By Luke Weber

Las Vegas-based real estate investor Luke Weber has made thousands of real estate deals over the years. He spills his hard-earned knowledge onto the pages of this book that guides a newbie flipper from start to finish. Expect tips on big ideas, like how to pick a property and conduct long-distance real estate investment. Also included are practical tips on things like finding contractors and keeping your project within budget. The book is appropriate for first-time flippers, but it also has enough meat for investors with a few flips under their belts. His book highlights his single-minded focus when buying a flip, which is “Can I make money? And if you want more, he has a follow up, The Wholesaling Blueprint.

Real Estate Game

By William J Poorvu with Jeffrey L Cruikshank

William J. Poorvu leaves no real estate investment stone unturned — touching on residential, office, hotel, industrial, and retail — as he delves into the “game” of real estate. He gives an overview of the entire real estate ecosystem. He offers insight into overcoming challenges. And he provides formulas to help analyze whether a property deal is one that will work for you. Poorvu has the chops, with degrees from Yale and Harvard, where he was also an adjunct professor. He’s authored four books on real estate.

The Only Woman in the Room

Compiled by Ashley L. Wilson

By some estimates women make up about 30% of real estate property investors. This book gathers stories from 20 women who’ve made it in real estate. Beyond their inspirational tales, the women offer tips on finding and financing deals, scaling a multifamily portfolio, raising private capital, and other important real estate investment topics. For women, people who feel left out of traditional investment circles, or those wanting to make a mid-career shift, this compilation of stories offers a knowledge boost and a spark of inspiration.

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Erin Behan is a writer and editor covering real estate investor strategy for Sundae. She's lived in L.A., New York, and Atlanta and currently resides in Portland, Oregon, where she writes and edits for a number of outlets, including WebMD, Farmers Insurance, and Vox Creative. She spends her free time hiking with her two boys, snuggling with her cat, and enjoying the best of the Pacific Northwest.