How to Use Sundae’s Market Report Data

Sundae’s reports look at trending real estate investment data. The report is full of insights centered around real estate for property investors both nationally and in local markets.

Being given a powerful tool means nothing unless you know how to use it. The quarterly report and market reports are powerful tools that you can use to stay ahead of the competition.

Sundae’s quarterly reports are gathered with the real estate investor in mind. It’s important for you to have access to detail-rich information that you can use to make informed decisions on Sundae’s Marketplace.

On the national level, you’ll learn how nation-wide trends cause local investor and buyer behaviors to shift. The report also gives key insights in specific geographic areas. It will help you track how buyer preferences change, identify emerging trends to take advantage of, and learn what your competitors are doing.

Here’s how you can use this report to better your business.

Expand to new markets

Once you feel confident in your real estate investment business, one of the easiest ways to expand your business and make more money is to expand to additional markets. Sundae now has over 20 markets, and there are more to come.

The Sundae quarterly report can help you with your real estate investment expansion plans by:

  • Cueing you into national real estate trends.
  • Giving you insights into current opportunities in markets where Sundae operates that are outside of your home area.
  • Seeing what’s happening on a micro level so you can be highly competitive.

With technology advancements, such as Sundae’s Marketplace, you’ll be able to make more money and diversify your investments in ways that may be impossible where you live. That’s because you’ll be able to see the price of properties all across the country and make offers on them — in many cases these properties may be cheaper than what’s available in your home real estate market. Or, your returns might be better because the market is seeing a higher rate of return on flips or rentals.

Understand how buyer preferences change

A smart real estate investor can see trends as they happen and use today’s trends to predict upcoming buyer preferences. When you can identify value before your competitors, you’ll have less competition when placing offers for properties and be well positioned to offer buyers exactly what they want once you’ve flipped the property.

Consider these data points

  • Bedroom count. In the cities Sundae surveyed in its report, certain bedroom/bathroom breakouts proved popular. However, in some cities, having more bedrooms proved an asset.
  • Condos and single-family residences. The overall trend in real estate has been towards larger homes during the pandemic. In cities though, there’s reason to believe that condos are back as things return to a new “normal.”
  • Size of houses by geographical area. The ideal size for your flip depends on where you’re investing. And it’s important to understand the city-by-city breakdown when making investment decisions.
  • Purchase price. Thus far, purchase prices have been rising across cities and across housing types. The report breaks out what this means for investors, including institutional investors and how iBuyers are impacting price and competition.

You’ll know exactly how many bedrooms the homes you buy should have in several markets with a city-by-city breakout of the most popular bedroom/bathroom choice. All of this data gives you deeper insights into where to put your investment dollars.

Identify emerging trends to take advantage of

Do you want to find the next Austin or Nashville?

Investors who don’t access this report might miss trends in emerging markets and even at a local level— the emerging preferences. Most investors have probably felt the pain of missing the signals that a city’s real estate scene is about to blow up.

It’s better to be the first to know how migration patterns are impacting an area’s desirability and pushing demand beyond what’s available. Likewise, if you can be on the cusp of an area’s push for four- and five-bedroom homes, you’ll see greater interest if that’s what the market is calling for. Trends help you invest in the right kind of properties in the right market.

Get the most out of market reports

Knowing how to use market reports will elevate your investing. To get the most out of market reports, we’ve put together a list of tips.

  • Read key takeaways. Get pages of content summarized in just a few points. This can save time, while giving you the highlights of a given market.
  • Compare your current strategy with the latest trends. Do you need to adjust or are you already on the cutting edge?
  • Don’t understand something? Look at our explanations. These explanations are intended to give you an in-depth understanding of charts that might be harder to navigate. That way, you can easily digest the data given.

Win on Sundae’s marketplace

It’s always a good idea to learn from other investors and stay on top of how to win properties that are right for your business strategy. Consider these tips on how to win a property on Sundae:

  • Offer early. On the Sundae platform, 32% of investors wait until an hour before the deadline to place their offer. This is a great strategy because more than 25% of sellers accept one of the first few offers they receive, according to Sundae. To maximize your opportunity to win deals, make your offers early.
  • Offer often. Your first offer might not win you the deal, but don’t stop there. You may need to make multiple offers to get the right property for your business.
  • Stay organized. How you keep track of the properties you’re interested in and the offers you make can help you manage your business and win more deals.
  • Be creative in your approach to properties. That might mean having an eye for unique properties with big potential in a competitive market where typical 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes attract a lot of investor attention. It could also mean pivoting to condo flips in certain areas if that’s what the market calls for.
  • Know what kind of updates yield big ROI. Part of being a smart investor is knowing which homes need what updates. Three general strategies tend to be employed by flippers: clean and list, update, and remodel. Not all strategies work for all properties from an ROI perspective.
  • Consider the value of an ADU. Whether you convert a garage to an ADU, update a basement into its own ADU space, or build a new, detached ADU on an existing property, adding an ADU to a property can mean big returns, either from renting two units on the same property or by boosting a property’s value for sale.

Grow your real estate pipeline

The current real estate market is a hot prospect for many home flippers and real estate investors, but it’s all about choosing the right property for your exit strategy. Bringing these properties into your pipeline is key to making your flipping business a success, and Sundae’s marketplace offers a steady stream of vetted homes — all accompanied by the verified info you need to make a smart decision.

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