Sundae Launches Program to Close the Gender Gap in Property Investing

The leading off-market property investing marketplace, Sundae, launches a free educational platform for women in residential real estate investing.

Sundae connects sellers of off-market properties to tens of thousands of real estate investors. Today, we’re announcing the launch of a free educational program designed to empower more women to succeed in residential real estate investing.

Increasing representation

Through this program, Sundae aims to help close the property investing gender gap. Josh Stech, Sundae’s CEO and Co-Founder, stated that:

“Sundae helps homeowners looking to sell their house as-is by connecting them to the nation’s large network of property investors so that they can get the highest possible offer for their property. Empowering more women to join our platform and succeed in property investing is a win-win because it will also help us get the best outcome for sellers who turn to Sundae. With this program, we hope to empower more women to participate in this exciting industry by giving them valuable know-how and inspiration in addition to the reliable inventory and services we offer through our marketplace.”

To date, approximately 30 percent of property investors are women. We’re working towards more representation from women by implementing programs like this one.

Educational resources

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re offering a series of free educational resources including webinars and interviews with prominent women in property investing.

Here are a few articles we’ve published based on compelling interviews from inspirational investors:

These interactive sessions provide practical ways to get started in residential real estate investing. They also offer insight into the unique challenges that women may face in the industry and inspiration for how to achieve significant wealth creation through a career in one of today’s fastest growing industries.

“Property investing is an exciting career path and wealth creation opportunity for both men and women. Interestingly, we’ve seen that women who place offers in Sundae’s marketplace tend to win more of the properties they bid on compared to men, however there are far fewer women participating. That’s true for the industry as a whole, with women making up less than a third of the residential real estate investor community. We’re looking forward to empowering more women to participate and succeed in this exciting field,” said Shane Steele, CMO of Sundae.

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