How Lawrence Brown Saves Time Finding Leads and Builds Better Business Systems

Lawrence Brown wanted to find new ways to fill his deal pipeline. He discovered a resource that unlocked more opportunities in Southern California.

Southern California remains a popular destination for those looking for more time in the sun. This plus a red-hot real estate market have made prices climb throughout the region. There is a clear demand for housing, but supply chain issues and other factors have led new construction to lag.

In places like Los Angeles and Inland Empire, local flippers are stepping up to meet the demand for housing. Investor Lawrence Brown (an alias used to preserve his identity), is proud to be one of these people. With business booming, he sees opportunity for expansion. In his search for additional properties, Lawrence was presented with a unique challenge.

Is it possible to increase deal flow while saving time?

During his career, Brown has used various sources to find homes to flip. Everything from the MLS to wholesalers to direct mail are part of his deal finding repertoire. These have worked well, but to find even more deals, he needed to explore additional options. This search led him to Sundae’s investor marketplace, which has helped him reach his business goals. Brown discovered a way to grow his business from the comfort of his home, saving time and building better systems in the process.

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A Scalable model

When Lawrence began his search for new lead generation paths, scalability was his primary concern. For someone like him who flips over 40 properties per year, every lead counts. He found himself placing two to three offers a day across multiple platforms. Each platform includes certain benefits, but they come with their own challenges as well. Although he finds deals on the MLS, it can be “hard to deal with.”

After these experiences, Brown was in search of a one-stop-shop. Somewhere he could place more offers and “have one direct source” for leads. In addition to other lead sources, there are one to two new options per day added to his pipeline. Something that has allowed him to “scale my business with more volume.” Since deals usually flow through a funnel, not every lead becomes a deal. But with a higher volume of leads, it increases his chances.

With deals coming to him daily, Brown has leveraged Sundae to create a scalable model.

Saving time

Along with sunny weather, Los Angeles is also known for its traffic. Getting from one part of the city to another can be very time consuming. Brown estimated that he spent “two or three hours a day in traffic” when driving to properties. It’s common for investors to do this to help estimate a rehab budget or calculate the ARV of a property. However, that doesn’t include time spent meeting with real estate agents, submitting offers, or managing contractors.

Upon discovering Sundae, he noted that “I don’t have to get in my car and drive. I can just sit at home.” The investor marketplace freed up time and offered a high level of convenience. He emphasized that he “dislikes viewing homes and trying to get ahold of agents,” both of which add time to his busy schedule.

Now, he looks at properties while he’s at another site or from home. Buying back upwards of 15 hours a week has also created more time to work on other areas of his business. This added time has allowed him to think more strategically, working “on” his business, rather than “in” it. It’s also given him more time to network and grow his team.

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Greater confidence and faster decision making

Part of the reason Lawrence can save time by placing offers online is his increased confidence. In the past, he wanted to go to the property because pictures weren’t always reliable. He’d also have to pool together inspection reports and maps from various sources. All of which are necessary, but inconvenience to say the least.

Since working with Sundae, this process has been simplified. Having interior pictures, inspections, and more in one place has given Brown assurance. Whether at home or on the road, Brown felt confident making offers using the reports given. He mentioned that “I could have been in another state and made the decision and still have been fairly confident.”

This has allowed him to pull the trigger on properties he might not have in the past. Investors and traditional buyers need to make decisions quickly in today’s real estate environment. By hesitating, you lose out on deals. Brown feels that he can make more informed decisions faster by consulting with investment advisors. It has allowed him to “know where I stand” on deals. In effect, giving him market insights that he can use to make better offers on properties he wants.

What’s next for Lawrence Brown?

As his real estate portfolio grows, Brown foresees Sundae as an integral component. When reflecting on his experience, he noted:

“I’m here to make money. I’m also here to create relationships and do long term business.”

At present, Brown regularly finds deals and places offers on the Sundae marketplace. With a scalable model for generating leads, time saved in traffic, and greater confidence, who knows what’s next?

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