Sundae in the News: Our Secrets on Affordable Home Design

January 8, 2020 | Team Sundae Team Sundae

In recent days, Sundae has taken our story to live TV to discuss ways homeowners can get more value out of their home. Our VP of Marketing & Growth Shane Steele made appearances on CBS San Diego and NBC’s California Live to tell the Sundae story and share tips for affordable home design. 

In our first TV appearance with CBS San Diego, Shane talked about what makes Sundae unique, before sharing some ideas on designing for less. Check it out here.


Sundae CBS San Diego

In the second appearance on California Live, which debuted on NBC in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area, Shane presented three examples of high-quality home furnishings where massive savings can be found for those willing to comparison shop. Here’s the complete video (Sundae’s part starts at the 00:58 mark). 



Sundae NBC LA

Helping customers in more ways than one

As one of the fastest growing homebuyers in California specializing in buying and renovating dated and damaged homes, Sundae has deep expertise in interior design and remodeling projects. While our primary focus is helping homeowners get a great price for their house when it’s time to sell, our goal is to help homeowners understand all their options so that they can make the best decision for their circumstances. For homeowners interested in taking on a renovation project,  we’re happy to share our tips and expertise.

You can read all of our renovation and design tips in the Home Improvement section of our blog. Here are a few of the articles we’ve recently published:


In case you didn’t watch the videos, below is a recap of the home renovation products we compared on TV with the price of each option. As you can see with these examples, it’s possible to get the high end look for a lot less without sacrificing quality or style. When you shop around, you can save a lot of money!


We hope these tips on renovation and design can provide some valuable insights for your next project. If you’re considering selling and want to avoid the  time, stress, and money that go into a remodel project, there’s another option. Sundae has helped many homeowners skip the repairs and renovations, and sell as-is for cash. Talk to Sundae today and we’ll help you think through the options. You can also request a free, no obligation cash offer for your house as-is.


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