4 Simple Tips for Homeowners Selling as-is

Homeowners often overlook the various ways that they can put money back in their pockets. By applying a few straightforward concepts, you’ll be able to get the best outcome when you sell as is.

A dollar saved is a dollar earned for homeowners selling as is, or really in any arena of life.

While there is no one-size fits all approach to selling as is, there are different practices and methods you can apply to help increase your odds of getting top dollar. The market ultimately determines the price of your home. Even so, there are other ways to save money throughout the process.

By following these simple tips, there’s a chance that you’ll make more when selling. It could be from saving more, it could be from avoiding fees. Here are some ideas just for you.

Wholesalers: eliminating the middlemen

If you want to sell your house fast, working with a wholesaler might feel quick and easy. But are you really getting as much as you could when selling to them?

Wholesalers buy houses at a steep discount. In some instances, they may use pressure tactics and target people in desperate situations to get this price. Then, they turn it around quickly by assigning or selling your home for more money than what they paid you. Wholesalers always take their portion of your profit in exchange for their services.

The best way to eliminate the middleman is to sell directly to an end buyer. That way, you don’t have to sell at a discounted rate.

Consider using an online marketplace instead

A great way to maintain ease and convenience while getting rid of the middleman is by utilizing an online marketplace, such as Sundae. The purpose of a marketplace is to connect buyers and sellers. Investors have direct interest in your house and will often give you a fair price for your home as is. This provides maximum exposure for your property because even long-distance homebuyers could submit an offer.

Minimize fees and find ways to save time

What is the true cost of selling your house?

Home sale returns are often misleading based on the costs associated with selling in the first place. From real estate agent commissions to closing costs, these fees can quickly eat away at your profits. A listing agent might charge as much as 6%, which could add up to quite a large chunk of change.

If you are looking to keep more of your money, you might consider going the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route. It may seem daunting to take on the sale by yourself, especially if you have a full time job or other commitments. You’ll need to spend time marketing your home, staging, hosting open houses, and so on. Ultimately this will cost you time and as the saying goes “time is money.”

An alternative solution for homeowners selling as is

Sundae’s Marketplace offers a way to save time and reduce fees. Our Market Experts are dedicated to your success from start to finish–it’s their job to do all the work associated with selling. Plus, there are no fees for homeowners: what you see in your offer is what you get.

Price your house correctly

The most crucial factor when you’re selling your home is determining the right price. In this ever-changing market, you need to stay competitive. Set your price too high and you might be disappointed. Set it too low and you could lose out on a potentially higher return. Needless to say, this is a tremendous balancing act that requires expertise.

Ultimately, it’s up to you what price you choose to list your house for. With the guidance of Sundae’s Market Experts, comps in nearby areas, and a host of data we have internally, our team can help you price your house correctly.

Get multiple offers

All home sellers aspire to get multiple offers on their listed home. More offers create options for homeowners because they can choose the best choice for their situation. It also helps you look at ones with minimal risk of the deal going through–and to have a backup in the event that it does.

So how do you get multiple offers?

With the marketplace format, investors bid blindly on your property. Because they know that there is competition and others looking, they are incentivized to give their best offer if they want to win. Sundae’s Marketplace helps increase the likelihood of multiple buyers for exactly this reason.

Selling for top-dollar

Selling your home for more money is possible by reducing costs, getting multiple offers, eliminating fees, and knowing how to price your house correctly. With the help of Sundae’s team, you could potentially sell as is for more.

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