A Sure-Fire Way Sell Your House Fast in Nashville

Nashville homeowners are in luck. They can expect to sell quickly and at a considerable profit thanks to a booming market and sky-high demand. Still, there’s always room for streamlining and strategizing. Here are some helpful ways to sell your house fast if you live in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you’re looking to sell your house in Nashville, now’s the time.

Since the mid-pandemic period, the buy and sell rate trajectory has been maintaining a steady incline. In short, that means homes are successfully sold as fast as they’re listed. According to Nashville Business Journal, there are instances where this has occurred in as little as 12 days!

The result? In Middle Tennessee, the median home price increased by about 22 percent in 2021. It’s what seems to be a natural conclusion of sky-high demand draining the supply pool. However, more promising still is that this upward trend is set to continue into 2022 and beyond. All major indicators point towards Nashville remaining a thriving location.

This article brings you through how to sell your fast quickly to take advantage of the booming Nashville market.

What’s the hype?

In the sun belt, leisure and activity reign supreme, with invaluable opportunities arising in both the personal and professional sphere, making it a go-to area for buyers. Firstly, to understand why homes are selling fast, we’ll delve into business. Nowhere claims the spot of second most popular destination for companies fleeing California (second only to Texas) without some very good reasons. With an educated and proactive workforce alongside irresistible tax benefits, Nashville is attracting business from around the country. And, wherever business goes, employees follow suit, always in need of accommodation.

A combination of historical appeal and quality of life make it an appealing place for those looking for new careers or in retirement. Driven by low interest rates, low inventory, and changing demographics, Nashville has continued to attract new homeowners and renters throughout the pandemic.

Crunching some numbers

While the wordy promises look great, the real truth is in the numbers. So, we’ve compiled several promising statistics that all point to Nashville as a seller’s real estate market.

Listening to the experts, 70 percent of the real estate agents surveyed think that residential prices will go up between 5 and 10 percent in the coming year. With the typical home value in Nashville currently standing around $420,533, that could add an extra $42,000 to the already lofty figure. Though these numbers are for on market properties, the same logic applies to selling off-market.

Tips for prepping your house for a fast sale

If you happen to be the lucky homeowner of a Nashville home, congratulations! You’re in possession of a highly sought-after asset. Here’s how you can help maximize your home’s value and increase the odds of a fast sale.


When scrolling through listings, potential buyers naturally imagine themselves living within the home, navigating its layout, and making it their own. But, of course, this task gets harder if the home is visibly lived in. So, when taking listing pictures or holding viewings, be sure to pare back any personal touches you’ve put on the house.

Here are just some factors to consider:

  • Family photos
  • Toys
  • Personal belongings such as toiletries, shoes, candles, etc.
  • Any ‘color pop’ furnishings or decorations
  • Throws and cushions
  • Hunting gear.
  • Antiques

Essentially, you want your house to feel like a clean slate and blank canvas for potential buyers. Depersonalizing helps potential buyers envision themselves in your space.

Clean as Much as Possible

No matter how red hot the market, presentation remains paramount when selling a home. Fortunately for homeowners, once you’ve taken care of depersonalizing the living space, cleaning gets a whole lot easier.

Begin by purging the house, including the attic, basement, and garage, of unneeded items. Then, consider selling or donating these items to charity. Next, thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom. A little bit of landscaping can also go a long way. If your property has a front or back garden, be sure to keep your lawn neat with regular trimming. Also, remove any eye-capturing features that could detract from the garden’s attraction.


Upgrades that will add value to your home:

Paint: According to Zillow, light blue bathrooms, white kitchens, and gray living rooms are right on trend, with homeowners reporting they’d pay around 1.6 percent more for the pleasure – a huge return on a relatively affordable upgrade.

Landscape: This is the first impression your house will make. Plant trees, renovate walkways, invest in your lawn, and maintain an all-around tidy aspect for a potentially high ROI.

Modernize bathroom: Replace worn faucets and fix leaky piping. Be sure to focus on regrouting and retile flooring if needed.

Evaluate your options for selling quickly

Part of selling your home is finding what works for you. For some, that involves working with a real estate agent to sell your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Acting with a trusted expert on your side who knows how to maximize profit and navigate markets can undoubtedly be a great help, but it’s not for everyone.

If you’re prepared to get into the nitty-gritty of real estate and go it alone, you always have the option of selling by-owner.

Still, with both strategies, preparation is vital. Hiring the wrong real estate agent could leave your house sitting on the market longer than you want it to. Selling by-owner could cause setbacks if you’re not up to speed with the home selling process, including closing time, inspections, and repairs.

And finally, there are the iBuyers who seek a fast purchase with upfront cash. This relatively simplified and almost entirely online alternative can seem attractive to sellers. Sidestepping the labor and time demands of traditional strategies can often sway sellers to make an impulsive choice given the convenience and fast close. However, with iBuyers, you’re limited to just one offer per company.

Another solution provides the potential to have multiple offers with the same level of ease and convenience of an iBuyer

Sundae offers a streamlined solution

If transparency, control, and a steady stream of options sound like a good plan, then Sundae’s model could be the one for you. Providing speed and ease, Sundae’s Marketplace opens up a world of options to sellers that they may not find elsewhere. You can sell as-is without much work, but with the opportunity to court multiple offers.

Our aim is to help you strike the perfect balance between maximized profits and speedy selling. And, unlike iBuyers who make one offer, Sundae’s Marketplace adds thousands of investors to the mix. This increases competition for your house.

Using Sundae saves you the headache of uncovering hidden fees and the uncertainty of selling a house. Our transparent model allows you to see precisely what you’ll get on a home and offers assistance along the way.

It’s time to sell your house fast

Nashville and the surrounding suburban areas are growing at a record pace. So, while selling your house with an off-market strategy may seem scary, you’re in good hands.

The cash buyers are already there; all they need is for you to give the go-ahead. In the meantime, we’ll take care of everything for you, ensuring transparency, fairness, and adherence to regulations every step of the way.

We’ve done the heavy lifting. All you have to do is choose Sundae’s Marketplace.

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