How can Sundae’s Marketplace get me a Better Price Than the MLS?

Sundae’s Marketplace helps homeowners get the best price possible when selling. It serves as an alternative to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where houses are sold off-market to our large database of property investors.

If you’re considering selling your home through Sundae’s Marketplace, you might be concerned that you’ll be missing out on potential buyers. After all, more than half of all homebuyers search the MLS when looking for their next purchase.

The truth is, most buyers on the MLS are looking for turnkey homes. If you’re planning to sell as-is, Sundae’s Marketplace might be a better fit. We connect homeowners with property investors who buy houses of all sorts and, in fact, they prefer houses that aren’t turnkey.

Essentially, the MLS and Sundae serve two different types of buyers. If you’re selling as-is, the buyers you’re looking for are more likely to see your listing on Sundae’s Marketplace.

What Is Sundae?

Sundae was founded under the belief that there was a better way for homeowners to sell off-market and maximize their equity.

Sundae is one of the largest off-market platforms in real estate. It connects homeowners looking to sell as-is to a large network of investors. Competition amongst investors, along with our promise to our customers, means homeowners get the highest possible offer. Thousands of local property investors bid and compete to buy your house as-is on Sundae’s Marketplace. This gives homeowners the peace of mind that they will receive the highest off-market price possible.

Sundae is different than an iBuyer

iBuyer is a term short for “instant buyer.” As the name implies, companies give owners offers for properties and close quickly. This is appealing because of a streamlined process that helps you sell fast. However, an iBuyer presents one option.

In contrast, Sundae’s Marketplace gives homeowners the opportunity to receive multiple offers and choose which one works best for them. Our CEO, Josh Stech, had this to say:“Having one iBuyer make you one offer is not the way to get the best price. Nor is calling two or three. You need multiple offers. At the same time, you need the convenience that iBuyers offer — speed and closing timeline flexibility.”

Our approach has your best interest in mind. By creating competition for your house in the marketplace format, you have more options. Plus, you’ll still have a streamlined process from start to finish.

A worry-free process

Sundae provides a worry-free process for investors as well. We use the latest technology to produce a detailed property profile that includes a photo gallery, 3D map and virtual tour, a video walkthrough, and a floor plan, allowing hundreds of investors to view the property without showings so they make an offer without setting foot on the property. Our team of experts bring over 35 years of local experience and over 1,000 completed transactions. We work hard throughout the process to provide transparency, clarity, and a personalized approach to each seller’s situation.

In addition to ensuring homeowners get the highest price, we also give them assurance of an offer they can count on. We try our best to eliminate surprises by providing transparency to both buyers and sellers. All offers are non-contingent, so you can rest assured that you can sell as-is.

Sundae vs. the MLS

Although some properties listed on the MLS are sold as-is, it is primarily known for houses that are geared towards homeowners. Think of Sundae’s Marketplace as an MLS for houses sold as-is to investors. Unlike selling on the MLS, there’s no hassle of multiple showings, talking to buyers, requests for repairs, and other contingencies.

In many instances, the MLS isn’t an appropriate listing tool for people looking to sell as-is. Sundae, on the other hand, was created for sellers who don’t want to deal with open houses, fixing up the property before selling, or other added steps.

Increase investor competition for your house

Think about the turnkey houses that sell in bidding wars in your area. Sundae’s Marketplace creates investor competition on houses being sold as-is, without the hassle of making your house turnkey first. This saves time, money, and potential stress.

We are similar to MLS in that we create competition for your house so that you get the highest price possible. However, we are different from MLS in that we help you sell your house off-market in as-is condition. Instead of talking to one or two investors, Sundae puts your property in front of thousands of investors.

If you plan on selling as-is, Sundae could be the perfect fit for you. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons as you make your decision.

More exposure to investors than the MLS

While more people might see your house on the MLS, it’s unlikely that they will be your ideal buyer. Since the MLS is geared primarily towards homeowners, they may pass over a house being sold as-is.

When selling as-is, your target audience is investors. Investors know that they’ll be able to find properties they can buy as-is, rather than looking for a needle in a haystack elsewhere. Though Sundae was founded in 2018, investors around the country are flocking to our platform.

Listing your home with Sundae gives you the opportunity to put it in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of investors without ever having to host a showing.

Another advantage is that you’ll be able to avoid all upfront costs and you won’t have to throw your time and energy into the selling process. In certain instances, you may be eligible for a cash advance up to $10,000 after your inspection. On top of that, you can close in as little as 10 days. It’s a super-speedy, stress-free method of selling a house as-is.

Work with us

Many customers love Sundae because of our hands-on approach. We’re dedicated to helping you have the best experience possible while selling your home for the most money off-market. Contact us for more details on how you can get started today.

*The summary of MLS and/or Sundae transactions and data shown above are not representative of all MLS and/or Sundae transactions, and is solely provided here as an example of how Sundae transactions may compare and contrast to a MLS. Other terms, conditions, and/or fees may apply.

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