Sell Your House Fast in Charleston, South Carolina

Homeowners have to take on several obstacles when it’s time to sell. These are some key strategies you can use for selling your house in Charleston, South Carolina.

Do you want to sell your house fast in Charleston?As you begin to consider selling your house, you need to prepare for what lies ahead. It’s a crucial time where you need to do your research and find out what works vs what doesn’t in real estate. As a homeowner looking to sell, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. There’s so much to do and many decisions to make.

We recommend certain strategies and tips that can help you sell your house fast in Charleston. These are the strategies we’ve put together which could help you get to your goals that much quicker.

Why now is the time to sell

We’re in a hot seller’s real estate market where homes aren’t listed for very long. If you consider selling now, you can take advantage of the high demand from buyers. A typical home was sold on the market in just one week in 2020. In addition, Zillow cited an excess of 20% increase in home values over the past year in Charleston.

When you’re in an attractive location such as Charleston, it offers even more reason to sell while the market is hot. The facts above are just for the average seller. By implementing tips to prep your house for sale from the pros, you can increase your chances of selling fast.

Tips for prepping your house for a fast sale

Prepping your Charleston home so you could sell it fast requires valiant effort. Even the slightest things may turn a buyer off. Luckily, with some preparation, you’ll be well on your way to closing the deal. Here’s a few tips!

Clean as Much as Possible

Your first goal should be to make your house as clean as possible for potential home buyers before selling. It’s a cost effective way of sprucing up your home during the selling process. This means you’ll have to sharpen your eye for dirt and piles of clutter.

  • Consider donating extra clothes to charity to open up more closet space
  • Double down on the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Reorganize your bedroom and living room space so it appears more open
  • Wipe down all countertops especially in bright areas
  • Watch for wall scuffs, dirty windows, and doors


Staging your home and tours are common within the process of home showing. Charleston has no shortage of eager buyers so you’ll want to do your best neutralizing your home. It’s tough at first and may feel like you’re deconstructing the identity of your home. However, this is exactly what you have to work on.Depersonalizing means taking down items that have too much identity. By depersonalizing, homebuyers could envision themselves much easier. Your home should be a blank canvas where homebuyers could imagine putting their own personality into it. Here’s a list of some things you should tuck away before showing anybody your home.

  • Personal photos and frames
  • Hunting gear
  • Religious items
  • Objects with loud colors
  • Antiques
  • Pet toys
  • Children’s toys


It may cost you a bit, but small upgrades and fixes could maximize the profit of your home. It also creates appeal in the already buzzing Charleston area where homebuyers will be tempted to close the deal.

  • Update your kitchen: Upgrade your appliances such as the microwave, refrigerator, and sink
  • Consider repainting or touching up cabinets: Cabinets may give off a bad impression if they have scuffs, chips, or cracks
  • Modernize bathroom: Replace any faucets that look old, worn, or leaky. Replace worn out shower curtains or regrout any discolored tile flooring.
  • Landscaping: Charleston homes have some amazing native plants and trees. Plant fresh Inkberry Holly or Southern Magnolia to capture the eye of people passing by.

Evaluate your options for selling quickly

Before you sell your home in Charleston, find the best working strategy for you. For instance, you could work with a real estate agent if you have a trusted expert on your side who knows how to maximize your profit. You could also sell by-owner if you have more time on your hands and you’re prepared to do more real estate homework.

Keep in mind that these strategies may take longer to sell if you’re not prepared. Finding the right fitting real estate agent may be time consuming because it’s a vetting process. An improper fit may hold you back from targeting the right sellers and selling for your desired price. Selling by-owner could cause setbacks if you’re not up to speed with the home selling process including closing time, inspections, and repairs.

Then there’s iBuyers. iBuyers are cash investors who have intentions of purchasing very quickly. Working with an iBuyer can close your deal fast because they have the ability of pricing your home online. A majority of the process is automated rather than putting in sweat work using the traditional strategies. However, this limits you to one offer.

Sundae helps you sell fast while keeping your options open

Another option that provides speed and ease is Sundae’s marketplace. It’s a strategy you should consider if you want to sell fast in Charleston because it proves sellers with multiple options.

We help you sell as-is fast for the best price. Unlike iBuyers who give one offer, Sundae’s marketplace allows investors to make offers on your house. These investors are vetted and have proof of funds to help the selling process run smoothly. All you have to do is choose which offer looks best to you.

Using Sundae saves you the headache of uncovering hidden fees and the uncertainty of selling a house. Our transparent model allows you to see exactly what you’ll get on a house and offers assistance along the way.

It’s time to sell your house fast

Selling your house fast with an off-market strategy may seem a bit scary. However, Charleston is creating a buzz with cash buyers who will be more than willing to make a deal with you. If you follow the right strategy and prep accordingly you’ll be in fantastic shape for a sale.

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