What is the Best Month to Sell a House?

While you can sell your home in any season, is there an ideal time to do it? Read here for a guide on the best month to sell a house.

If you look at what the experts say, there is a best month to sell a house. However, there are so many factors that go into selling a home, the real answer might not be so easy to figure out.

When timing the sale of your home, you have to think about what’s the most important factor for your needs.

  • Is it time? Do you need a quick turnaround to get your home sold?
  • Is it money? Are you looking to hit while the market is hottest?
  • Is it convenience? Maybe the best month to sell a house is the one that makes it easiest for you.

Each season brings different conditions that change the attitudes of buyers, the needs of sellers, and the market itself.

Even if there’s one ideal month to sell a home, perfect timing for you may differ.

Spring – the overall winner

sell a house in spring

Spring wins out as the best overall time to sell a home mostly because this time of year contains so many ideal conditions. In most places, the first two weeks of May are when homes sell the fastest and for the highest price. April and June also stand up to May’s record, making Spring a great time to list your home for sale.

The weather is at its best

Spring means warmer temperatures. It’s not too hot, or too cold. The days start to get longer, leaving more time for the house hunt.

Flowers begin to bloom and leaves return to the trees. Your front yard will never look better as it does during the spring, so you can capitalize on curb appeal.

Warmer weather also brings about the end of school, giving families a perfect window to close on a new home and make a move without a major upheaval.

Summer – for those on a deadline

sell a house in summer

Summer has a reputation for closings. The homes buyers find in the spring, become theirs as summer hits. The end of June is actually the most likely time of year to close on a home, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still looking. In fact, summer typically has the highest competition for sales since many buyers are looking on a tight deadline.

Moving before school starts

Buying in summer is both easier and harder. Long days and flexible schedules due to summer vacations can make it easier to look at prospective homes. At the same time, buyers feel the pressure of time. Those with kids feel compelled to get a house before school starts. This makes the summer season different in every area, since school can start as early as the first of August or as late as after Labor Day. As the calendar gets closer and closer to the end of summer, buyers feel the pressure to get to the finish line.

This sense of urgency is great for sellers since it can drive prices up. Nearing the deadline to school means more competitive offers can come in as buyers become determined to close and get their family settled before backpacks and buses become the focus.

Fall – a less competitive market

sell a house in fall

Fall creates an iffy time for home sales. Not every area of the country has the best fall weather, and many people tend to turn their attention toward other things than selling a home. This brings inventory down, but also makes for fewer potential buyers. The biggest buyer out there is the one who looked all spring and summer, but still has yet to find the perfect home. They’re serious, but picky.

The best part of selling in fall is capturing the beauty of the foliage in property pictures. The reds, oranges, and yellows of the season look particularly beautiful in photographs. If you have an extensive property, or one with a lot of trees, this could be the time for your home to shine.

Repair instead of sell

If you’ve put off listing your home because it needs repairs, fall is the best time to turn inward and take care of those issues. Listing now, while competition is low means buyers most likely won’t want a fixer-upper.

At the same time, the busy season is ending for contractors and other home repair professionals. You may get better pricing during this season. According to HomeAdvisor, planning home projects is all about knowing when everyone else will want that same project done. You either need to get ahead of them or schedule the work for some time after. For example, service your air conditioner in the fall, after it’s done being an essential appliance. You can also begin planning bigger projects, like your deck remodel, so work can start on the first warm day of next year.

The best part of working with a professional when they’re not busy is the level of attention and care they have for your project. They’re juggling less, which means more time for you.

Winter – where the serious buyers are at

sell a house in winter

Winter is best in areas like California, Florida, Arizona, and those cute, quaint ski towns. It’s not for the masses who are dealing with slush, snow, and freezing temperatures.

Houses can be harder to sell in winter for a few reasons. Curb appeal is low with bare branches, brown grass, and the possibility of snow covering everything. It’s also harder to schedule showings since days are shorter, and people get busy with holidays and other commitments. Even with your own busy schedule, as a seller, you have to be a lot more flexible in winter.

At the same time, those buying are much more serious. They’re often on a time crunch because they want to buy before the end of the year. Either that, or they’re relocating for a job or some other opportunity and need to settle in as soon as possible.

Working around the holidays

Regardless of what you celebrate, the last three months of the year are holiday-filled. It’s especially challenging to stage your home during this season. You first have to take into consideration holiday decor. Your style might not match that of the average buyer, and you don’t want to turn them off. You also don’t want your home to feel too cluttered.

Adding to the stress of decorating just right is preparing for the holidays themselves. Do you usually host? If so, what will that look like with you potential buyers wanting to see your home? Even if you simply cook for a special meal, filling your home with those particular smells could turn off a buyer.

Get a competitive offer on your home in any season

Even though most real estate agents will claim spring is the best time to sell your home, there’s no absolute best month to sell a house. It all depends on your timeline and what works for your situation. That said, the market isn’t always the ideal place to list your home when you’re ready.

You can avoid the hassle of staging your home and making repairs, in any season, by working with an off-market buyer. Especially if you’re worried about getting enough foot traffic through your home, a company like Sundae can help you get a competitive cash offer in no time on our marketplace.

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