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Sundae Customer Story: Timing is Everything

January 28, 2021 | Team Sundae

Victoria H. was on a mission to sell her childhood home, but didn’t want to settle for less than it was worth. Here’s how Sundae helped her at the right place and the right time.


When Victoria set out to sell her childhood home, she knew it would be hard to find buyers on the traditional real estate market. Her house needed a lot of repairs. The agent she ended up speaking with said they would handle everything, but she wasn’t happy with the offer.

On that same day, Victoria heard from Sundae, the homebuyers with heart who purchase houses as-is. And it was exactly what she needed to hear. Victoria immediately resonated with Sundae’s mission, contacted them, and they gave her the price she felt her house was worth. 

When asked what made working with Sundae a great experience, she replied “the people.” Everyone was friendly, nice, and willing to help. That’s the Sundae way. 

Here’s more on her story. Visit our Customer Stories page to hear from other homeowners who chose to sell with Sundae.


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