A Fresh Start After Selling

Susan wanted to sell her house and relocate to be closer to her children. As she began researching her options, Sundae stood out.

Before the pandemic, Susan D. started thinking about selling her house.

Like many people in her situation, the timing just felt right. The burden of home ownership continued to mount as she was tasked with maintenance and other time-consuming responsibilities. She also missed her family. Even though she resided in the Sunshine State where many people were moving, Florida felt far away from her children in Virginia.

Once some of the dust settled from Covid-19 and the Florida real estate boom was underway, Susan decided that it was the perfect time to sell.

Home ownership became overwhelming

There are many joys that come with home ownership. For some, it’s the pride of calling something your own. Others recall the great memories made at home. What people rarely talk about, however, is the never-ending upkeep required to maintain a house. At 77 years old, Susan simply didn’t want to deal with that anymore.

Susan’s husband had primarily taken care of this, but after some health issues this was no longer possible. In addition to caring for her husband, that left Susan in charge of housework. Though she was happy to hire help, the real estate boom brought long wait times for contractors and handy people. Collectively, these experiences made it clear that selling was her best option.

Weighing her home selling options: why Sundae?

When Susan decided to sell, she researched a variety of options. She’d put some thought into using a real estate agent or even selling directly to an investor. One day she received a red envelope in the mail from Sundae giving her another way to sell. It stood out to Susan because she “liked the concept presented in the letter and the fact that it was a company, not an individual.”

Upon further investigation, Sundae became the clear favorite. In our discussion with Susan, she explained some of the key factors that led to her decision:


Working with Sundae felt far less intrusive. Susan decided that Sundae was the way to go rather than a real estate agent because “my husband had health issues. It was too difficult for him to leave the house so we could have people look at it. Plus with the pandemic, we didn’t want to risk exposure” during an open house.

Other than the home inspection, basically everything was done online. Susan even signed “paperwork” online from several states away. This helped her go about her life without any inconveniences.


We previously mentioned the wait times for getting a contractor or handy person. Susan loved that she “didn’t have to do anything to the house. It was strictly as is. Even though you can go with a regular real estate agent and list it as is, that’s rarely the case.”

With an agent, there are sometimes minor updates needed or additional steps sellers need to take before putting a house on the market. At Sundae, our team markets properties to our database of real estate investors who buy properties as is. There won’t be any requests to update a kitchen or paint before selling.

Another big selling point was the ability to save time. Given her desire for convenience, she “didn’t want to negotiate. The bid price was the bid price with none of the back and forth. “ This gave her more time to spend with her husband at the hospital and took some stress off in the process.

Great customer service

Susan went on to summarize the other reasons she chose Sundae. “It was the fact that I liked the team and the services offered. They were wonderful to work with: Sundae took everything off my shoulders,” she said.

A helping hand throughout the selling process

A common objection to working with Sundae is that it seems too good to be true. If you’re on the fence, Susan can attest that “everything they told me turned out to be true.” It starts with effective systems.

During the selling process, our team will send out an inspector, create a 3D tour, and handle the logistics. All the while, there is a Market Expert overseeing the process to help answer any questions that you may have. When asked how she felt about her experience with Sundae, she said:“The first thing I wanted to say was that I felt joy. Perhaps even gratitude because Sundae took care of everything. If I had a question, all I had to do was send a text or called the Market Expert to handle it. I had to get some liability insurance and the Market Expert told me who to call. Anything I needed, she handled it for me. Everything was just smooth and I have immense gratitude for Sundae.”So you might be wondering: how did Susan’s story play out?

When originally asked, Susan had a ballpark estimate of what she thought the house was worth. After going over the details with her Market Expert, she was pleased to find out that Sundae estimated that investors would be willing to pay more based on similar properties in the area.

Upon listing her property on the marketplace, she knew that bids would vary in price. Maybe she would get a lower offer, maybe she would get what she was asking for.

What she didn’t know was that someone would pay tens of thousands of dollars over asking for her house. Moreover, she knew she’d get to keep the majority of the money: “one of the best parts of it was that it was essentially the check that I got. The only thing that got taken out was prorated taxes…So I essentially had no money out of my pocket, I gained money.” What you see is what you get.

A new beginning after selling

Fast forward to present day: Susan is as happy as ever with her decision to sell. She moved to Richmond, Virginia to be closer to her family. It’s a stark contrast to her home in Florida “I moved from a small rural community into a small city. I like urban living a lot. I like walking around, taking my dog out, and other activities. I’m still learning about Richmond but I feel very happy about the move,” she said.

She went on to explain that selling gave her a fresh start and an opportunity to do something different. In addition, Susan is very excited to get to know new people and spend more time with her children. With more family time and a new city to explore, Susan’s story is only just beginning.

Give Sundae a try

Selling your house as is might be the right option depending on your circumstances. If the time has come to sell, see what Sundae has to offer. With speed, convenience, and an attentive staff you’ll be able to sell with less stress.

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