Can Selling a House be Easy?

George decided to sell his home, but didn’t want the hassle. Sundae turned out to be just what he was looking for.

When George was ready to begin selling his Palm Desert house, he knew that he didn’t want a lot of hassle and that he wanted the sale over quickly. He stumbled onto Sundae through Facebook. He liked the idea of what Sundae was offering: an easy sale.

Choosing Sundae

George had already explored the traditional real estate listing route and wasn’t keen on the idea of buyers tromping through his home. Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions people tend to make in their lifetime, so it’s only natural that the process can cause some anxiety. It’s often cited as one of the most stressful, above even that of starting a new job or getting a divorce.

In particular, George didn’t want to deal with open houses . He didn’t want people in and out of his home, especially since he’d have to do something with his animals during that time. But he still wanted to get a fair price for his house and knew that competition could be a good thing when it comes to getting top dollar for a home.

As someone who values his time, George felt that convenience was just as important as price. That’s what convinced him to try Sundae. George describes his reasoning, he stated “the fact that I didn’t have to shuffle around for visits by real estate agents. I didn’t have to mess around with going back and forth on the pricing on the house, and all this kind of stuff. It definitely made life easier.”

In the end, George went with Sundae. He realized it could give him both things on his wish list — a no-hassle sale without an open house and a bidding process that put him in charge of picking the best offer.

A seamless selling process from start to finish

George chose Sundae because it seemed like it would be the easiest route. It turns out that the path of least resistance can also be the best. The experience selling with Sundae “far exceeded” his expectations. He elaborated on this noting:

“I was very surprised by how seamless it was from the first day I met my Market Expert. He came out to the house and walked me through the whole thing. And I really didn’t have any problems all along the way…Everything that he laid out to me was exactly the way that worked. And, there weren’t really any surprises.”

It was also very clear that he valued our team’s customer service throughout the process. In fact, the proactive nature of the Sundae team impressed him quite a bit. “I would periodically get calls from different individuals asking if I had any questions. They’d appraise me of where we were in the process or to advise of closing dates and all these kinds of things,” he said.

In the end, George got to choose from a multitude of offers. The beauty of an auction-style marketplace is the ability to parse through each and decide which is the best fit. George took one of the highest offers and was very pleased with the overall outcome.

From California to Arizona, made simple

Selling in Palm Desert paved the way for a move to Arizona. In fact, he only had a short, two-day window between closing on his old house and buying a new one. Again, Sundae helped things go smoothly. He noted that Sundae was “integral in making that happen because it was contingent upon getting closed there and getting the money wired out for the closing on the other property.” Now, George is enjoying life in a new state that fits his situation.

Selling with Sundae

In the end, George says he’d gladly recommend the Sundae process to other people. He cited a convenient home selling process as the reason. “Especially for those with an eye to getting what they have in mind for their home as is with no repairs,” he said.

If you’re looking to downsize in retirement, whether to buy a new home or to rent instead, Sundae is ready to help!

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