Exceeding Expectations

Curious to learn more, Ray decided to trust his gut and give Sundae a try. To his surprise, his experience would leave him more than satisfied.

Selling your home can be a stressful experience. You may not always feel you have an advocate on your side. How do you navigate the sale of your home to someone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind?

“I just felt like I was in safe hands.” Those were the words going through Ray C.’s head as he officially closed on the sale of his home.

To his surprise, none of these concerns were present during Ray’s experience using Sundae. He felt he was in safe hands throughout the sale of his home.

Here is Ray’s journey using Sundae.

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Picking the right buyer

Ray lived in his Long Beach property for 17 years.

Before reaching out to any potential buyers, Ray had to decide the best selling route for him and his family. He wanted to find a buyer who could purchase the property as fast as possible. Knowing his timeline constraints, Ray ruled out a traditional sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

To get the best price and have the ability to close on his timeline, Ray decided that selling off market to an investor would net him the highest return. The decision was not easy. Without a trusted brand in the off market industry, falling prey to a scam was something Ray was worried about.

Since the industry is so fragmented, finding the right buyer seemed like a daunting task. But, to Ray’s surprise, it would prove much easier than anticipated.

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An unexpected solution

Ray’s search for a buyer was surprisingly short.

While visiting his mother, Ray noticed she had received a mailer from a company called Sundae. The mailer stood out to Ray, as he had already received one of his own to his address. Normally, this would have been thrown away. But since Ray was contemplating selling, he decided to keep Sundae in mind.

Trust is hard to come by in real estate. Falling prey to predatory tactics used by buyers who want to maximize their returns was something Ray was vigilant about during his search for a buyer.

As his search continued, Ray eventually found himself reading the Sundae mailer that was sent to his address. No showings, multiple offers, and the ability to walk away at any time. Now that sounds like a buyer you can trust.

These value propositions sounded too good to be true. But, to his surprise, his concerns would be eased after meeting with a Sundae representative.

Once Ray was confident Sundae would be the best option, he decided to give us a call. Within a few days, a Sundae Market Expert was at Ray’s house. His Market Expert explained Sundae’s process and what Ray could expect by listing it on our Marketplace. “At no point did I feel like this wasn’t going to work,” explained Ray.

After learning how Sundae could help, Ray signed a Marketplace agreement and officially signed on to use Sundae.

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Making the right decision

For Ray, “the most important thing to me is that at no point did I feel like I should have gone with a real estate agent and done it the traditional way.”

His expectations were exceeded in every way after officially closing on the sale of his home. At no point throughout his experience did he feel like he made the wrong decision. He was in safe hands throughout it all.

The property was only on Sundae’s Marketplace for a few days before Ray received several offers from investors. The transparency that we offered Ray was unrivaled by any other competitor in the off market industry. “Every time I sent out an email, I would have a response within a couple of hours,” explained Ray. That level of communication always assured Ray that he had made the right decision.

After officially closing, Ray could rest easy knowing that everything was taken care of by the Sundae team.

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A stress-free experience

Ray knew that he made the right decision. Instead of opting for the traditional way of selling, Ray took a chance and placed his trust with Sundae. After reading reviews from our competitors, Ray felt that there was a shortage of dependable buyers in the off market space.

To his surprise, Ray felt he had an advocate in his corner throughout his experience working with Sundae. Every call was answered, and every concern was addressed.

That was how Ray felt when asked about his experience using Sundae. Providing a stress-free way to sell his home had eased his mind. The transparent process coupled with an unparalleled level of attention and care had set Sundae apart from the competition.

“Give Sundae a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And if you don’t like what Sundae offers, you can walk away at any time.”

Sundae is here to help homeowners get a better outcome when they need to sell their homes. Whether it be to an investor on our Marketplace or with a real estate agent, we’re here to help.

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