Relocating for Health

Getting his grandmother a higher level of care was the top priority for Steve. With Sundae’s help, he was able to sell her home as-is.

For many elderly people, special attention is needed that can’t be found at home. This was the case for Steve M., who was looking to sell his grandmother’s home. Steve had concerns about his grandmother’s health. In his words:

“We needed to sell the property due to my grandmother being 102 and needing to live in a different location with a little more care and attention.”

The property was dated and in need of repairs. Steve had done a thorough inspection of the home with hired professionals, and found that the costs of the repairs were too high. The property also had a reverse mortgage on it which would need to be addressed.

Here is Steve’s journey to finding Sundae and selling with ease.

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A higher level of care

The decision to sell his grandmother’s home was not easy. His family shared many years and memories there with her. Although it was a tough decision to sell, Steve’s love for his grandmother made selling worth it.

Steve needed to sell his grandmother’s home quickly. Then, he could move her to a place that would accommodate her needs better. Moving her out of the home as quickly as possible was Steve’s main concern. With many different players in the Sacramento market, it was difficult to figure out the best fit for his situation.

A traditional sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) would take too long. Along with this, there were other issues in Steve’s mind with this type of sale. “The consideration of having people come and go and have to deal with showings was something that I didn’t really want to deal with.” said Steve.

Steve didn’t want multiple people walking through her home while she was still there. His grandmother’s health was the driving force in the decision to sell. Even if he did decide to stage the home, getting his grandmother out of the house was not going to be easy. The fallout would be too extreme if she contracted COVID, so finding a different option that didn’t require showings became the priority.

After much deliberation, he decided to find an off-market buyer who would purchase the property as-is.

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Finding the best option

Steve’s first option was selling through an iBuyer. This was a popular choice for sellers in the greater Sacramento area. Since iBuyers typically charge a fee at closing and don’t give multiple offers, Steve decided to reevaluate. He needed to get the most for his grandmother’s house or at the very least have a chance to.

The second option was selling his grandmother’s home to an off market buyer. This option was more attractive to Steve. It allowed him to sell quickly and as-is without any open houses. Given the circumstances, Steve decided that selling to an investor would be his best option.

This decision didn’t come lightly. Steve understood that a quick sale would mean getting a lower amount for the property: “I understood that the possible sale price would be lower because I knew there were additional risks associated with the property that would need to be addressed by an investor.”

Selling to an investor offered a more convenient option for Steve. Avoiding renovations was also a plus. Now, he just needed to find a buyer.

To his surprise, finding the right off-market buyer proved much easier than anticipated.

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Perfect timing

One day, he happened to notice a red card in his mail that read the words “the homebuyer with heart.” This card stood out from the rest of the white envelopes on his kitchen counter.

Steve stated, “it was perfect timing. I happened to see the card and about a week or so later we needed to make a decision on how to sell the house.”

In his mind, Sundae offered Steve and his grandmother many advantages that competitors did not. A speedy closing process, less hassle, and outstanding customer service were just a few.

Along with these, working with Sundae would allow Steve to get his grandmother out of the house quicker. That would allow him to move her into a facility that could provide better care faster:

“Knowing the cost to repair the property and the time commitments that go along with a traditional sale, I decided to try Sundae’s marketplace. I liked the simplicity that you guys offered” Steve noted.

He called one of Sundae’s trusted Market Experts who came out to the property and walked Steve through Sundae’s closing process and what he could expect to receive from investors on our marketplace. It almost sounded too good to be true.

When you list your home on Sundae’s marketplace, you can expect to get several offers. We vet investors to simplify the process to ensure that our sellers work with trusted buyers. Additionally, Sundae offers a transparent pricing model where homeowners see their bottom line with no surprises. We asked Steve how he felt about Sundae and our marketplace, and he had this to say:

“With the offers from Sundae’s marketplace being all-inclusive, it made it very simple and, in my opinion, a good choice for my grandmother. I liked the option of having multiple offers at one time to kind of look at in order to try to hope that I was getting a higher or better offer. Everyone I interacted with at Sundae was professional and kind.”

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A Seamless solution

Steve’s grandmother got the care she deserved shortly afterwards. He learned first-hand that selling a house doesn’t have to be difficult. We started Sundae to help homeowners get the best price possible for their homes. No repairs, no showings, and multiple offers! Steve recalled that:

“The process was very simple, very smooth, very easy to deal with, and I am happy with how things played out.”

It ended up being a seamless process and a win-win scenario.

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