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Stan M. wanted to sell his split-level home and move into something more accommodating to his needs. So he decided to sell as-is with Sundae.

Sundae customer Stan knows the strain that his staircase puts on him everyday will eventually become too much to handle. Instead, he wanted to find a home where everything was on the same floor.

Stan had a preference for these types of homes and sought an exit plan that would accommodate his needs. However, he first needed to sell his home. The other dilemma? It needed repairs, and was in no condition to be sold on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Finding a buyer who would take his property in its current condition was a must. This started his quest to find other options.

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Examining his options

Stan decided that it was time to say goodbye to his 2-story home. Now it was time to find the right buyer.

The MLS was an option, but it wasn’t for Stan. His home was in need of repairs, and was not in market-ready condition. If Stan was to go this route, he would have had to pay the costs of the repairs–this was not an option that Stan was eager to pursue.

The other option was selling off-market to a home investor. Stan was warming up to the idea of selling his home as-is, but had doubts after hearing stories of people taking advantage of sellers. This was a major concern for Stan. He heard story after story about bad actors in the off-market sales world. He wanted to avoid those types of buyers altogether.

Stan received a couple of calls from agent, however, his home was not in market-ready condition. This is something that agents prefer when listing a home on the MLS. Then, after their listing presentations, Stan didn’t hear back from either agent.

Clear communication with potential buyers was very important to him, so he decided to keep looking for a buyer. Stan recalled that he“ did call another company that kind of mirrors what Sundae does. I schedule a listing appointment, but they never showed up.”

Neither of these options were a great fit, so Stan continued his search.

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Finding the right buyer by chance

While driving through Sacramento one day, Stan heard an advertisement for Sundae on his local radio station. Stan gave Sundae a call after hearing the phrase “sell your home as-is for the highest possible price.” This resonated with him.

Stan got in contact with one of Sundae’s Market Experts in Sacramento. Stan’s dedicated Market Expert explained Sundae’s process and what to expect from listing on our marketplace. It’s the Market Expert’s job to help customers like Stan from start to finish. They also answer any questions that homeowners might have about the selling process.

Stan noted that a Market Expert: “was the first person I contacted at Sundae, and he came right out. He always returned phone calls the same day, which was important to me.”

Stan learned that Sundae specializes in helping homeowners sell as-is. With Sundae, he wouldn’t have to worry about paying for repairs or prepping his home for showings. This was the perfect solution for Stan because his house was far from being in perfect shape.

“The main thing to address was the bathroom. I made sure to disclose that at the beginning of the process. But there were a ton of small repairs as well. The house was in no shape to sell on the market, and I am ecstatic that I was able to sell it as-is for minimal effort.”

Stan was assured that regardless of the status of his home, Sundae would help him attract offers. That hope, topped with Sundae’s great customer service made it clear to Stan that Sundae was right for him. Stan found the process straight forward and knew that he had reliable help from Sundae. Sundae’s clear dedication to the customer led Stan sign a listing agreement with Sundae.

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The Sundae marketplace

To Stan’s surprise, Sundae did much more for him than simply present him with an offer for his home.

With the recent rollout of Sundae’s marketplace, Stan agreed to receive offers from qualified investors instead of just receiving a cash offer. To Stan’s surprise, the marketplace netted him far more than he had anticipated.

When you list your home on Sundae’s marketplace, there’s a chance to get multiple offers. We vet investors to simplify the selling process. Additionally, Sundae doesn’t charge our homeowners any fees or hidden costs. We asked Stan how he felt about the marketplace and Sundae’s ‘sell as-is’ policy, and he had this to say:

“Well, at first I didn’t believe it, but that’s the way it turned out. I had him explain that to me, because I thought ‘how could somebody bid on a property and not physically inspect it themselves before making an offer?’ but it worked out great. I took the highest offer, because there was no contingency.”

The right solution

Selling a house doesn’t have to be difficult. Our goal at Sundae is to provide our sellers with peace of mind that they will get the best price for their homes. The best part? All without repairs, cleanings, or showings.

It really is as simple as that.

Homeowners are often surprised by the offers on our marketplace. With so many offers, they find themselves in better shape than they were before. If only the knew sooner!

“Three of the offers I received were, in my opinion, absurdly high. But, I went with one of them and things turned out great!” said Stan. “I’ve learned a little bit about the recent real estate market, and it’s just crazy out there. It’s honestly unbelievable out there.”

With his old split-level home out of his hands, Stan was able to begin searching for a home that accommodates his needs.

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