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When your family outgrows your available space, it might be time to move into a bigger home. In this customer story, Ethan A. found out how Sundae could help him sell fast so he could focus on more important matters.

If you’re deciding whether now is the right time to grow your family, one of your principal concerns is the size of your house. When Sundae customer Ethan A. and his wife faced this dilemma, they decided that their one bedroom house was not going to cut it.

Finding a new home was the easy part. Ethan found a house under construction and signed a contract to purchase the property. The new home would be perfect for his family. More bedrooms and a central air system sounded like a dream come true.

Things were moving in the right direction, but with one catch. Ethan needed to sell his current house before the family could move into the new one.

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Sifting through the options

As Ethan was figuring out how to sell his house, he came across an ad for Sundae on his Facebook feed. At first, Ethan was skeptical about the Sundae offering.

“I don’t believe any ads on Facebook; so many scams, phishing, and other crap like that” he explained. “But the moment Matt came out and saw the property, I knew that Sundae was legit.”

While nurturing offers from investors on Sundae’s marketplace, Ethan explored other options. He called an agency that gave him an offer over the phone. Ethan was skeptical about this company because they never came to see the house. He knew that problems would arise down the road, so he declined this offer.

Next, Ethan invited a real estate agent to make an appraisal on his home. “The agent told us he was going to price our house, and after closing costs and commission, it came out to less than what [Sundae] offered.”

After weighing all the options, Ethan decided that going with Sundae was the right option for him.

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A hassle-free process

The ability to be flexible with Ethan’s schedule was one of the driving factors that led him and his wife to accept the Sundae offer. If any unexpected hiccups occurred with the construction of his new home, Ethan felt safe that Sundae would have his back.

“You were always willing to work with us” said Ethan. “Whenever we called, you always had an answer or worked to get one right away.”

If he had gone with a traditional real estate sale, Ethan would have had to go through the regular pains of selling: open houses, commissions, fees, and price negotiations.

Because they had pets, it would have been a major hassle to board them during house showings. The potential for additional stress was not something Ethan’s family was interested in.

Ethan learned that by selling with Sundae, much of the typical pain associated with selling a home disappears.

“You guys were willing to work with us, and that’s something that we really appreciated.”

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The price was right

Although some of the offers he received for his home were higher than what Sundae offered, Ethan decided that working with Sundae was the best fit for his situation.

Having someone come out to inspect the property was a huge selling point for Ethan. When Matt, a trusted member of the Sundae team came out and walked him through the process, Ethan knew that Sundae was a legitimate business.

For families who are in situations similar to him, Ethan highly recommended using Sundae to sell their homes. A worry-free process is something that isn’t common in this industry, and Ethan was amazed when all was said and done.

“Buying and selling can be the worst, but you guys made the process so much easier than going through the normal selling process.”

Ethan described Sundae as a “fair, reasonable company that’s willing to work with their customers, no matter the circumstances.”

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