When Planning Pays Off

Preparing for a quick sale, Denise searched for a buyer who could provide a hassle-free, off-market experience. To her surprise, Sundae was able to provide more than she anticipated.

Selling a house has never been a straightforward process.

Depending on who your buyer is, the timeline for the closing process may vary. People often underestimate the time and effort it takes to sell, and are usually unprepared for hidden surprises that may arise.

These thoughts ran through Denise’s mind as she contemplated selling her home of over 30 years. Knowing that a traditional sale on the MLS would most likely take her longer than she wanted, Denise contemplated her options.

Here is her journey to finding Sundae.

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Preparing to sell

Before she would even consider selling, Denise felt that moving her belongings out of the property would be her first task. With all of that out of the way, she felt that she could sell faster than if she had left everything in.

The process took much longer than anticipated. “It took me about six months to get everything out because of what was going on with me emotionally” noted Denise. Saying goodbye to her home of 30 years proved to be more difficult than she thought.

Once the time was right, Denise finally felt that she was ready to find a buyer for the home she spent many years in.

After doing some online research into buyers, Denise concluded that an off-market sale would net her the highest offer for her home. One concern lingered in her mind as she began to look for a buyer: finding someone she could trust. The off-market industry is incredibly fragmented, and Denise found that there was no buyer that seemed to have her best interests in mind.

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A marketplace for property investors

Deciding that an off-market sale would be the fastest and easiest way to go, Denise began the search for a buyer she could trust. Most local investors and wholesalers in her hometown of Sacramento looked “adequate at best,” in Denise’s opinion. She decided to continue the search.

To her surprise, a solution had already presented itself in the form of a mailer from Sundae.

The tagline “Sell as-is for the highest off-market price” stood out, noted Denise. The ability to choose from multiple offers, a potential cash advance, and the ability to move on her own timeline were a few of the benefits that differentiated Sundae from the competition.

Once she talked with our team, Denise felt that she had finally found a buyer who had her best interests in mind. Her search for a buyer had come to a swift ending.

After her initial appointment with a Sundae Market Expert, Denise “ knew that Sundae could assist with making the sale quick and smooth.” Her Market Expert explained Sundae’s process and how we could help her get multiple offers from several investors on our Marketplace. After weighing the benefits, Denise was set on selling with Sundae.

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Closing on her own timeline

“I didn’t approach Sundae until I was absolutely ready to sell.”

While she was getting ready for the sale of her previous home, she had taken the lead in finding a new place to live. Since her belongings were removed from the property prior to reaching out, her closing time was drastically reduced.

Denise, already prepared for a quick sale, accepted an offer from an investor on Sundae’s Marketplace. To her surprise, she was able to close faster than she had anticipated.

“I probably saved myself months because I know that escrow on a traditional sale usually takes longer than the speed at which Sundae was able to process everything.” said Denise, surprised at how much time she saved using our marketplace.

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An advocate you can trust

With her house sold, Denise was finally able to rest. The burden of finding a reliable buyer had finally come to an end. “Sundae makes selling your home very simple, straightforward, fast and fair. As far as selling a property, I would highly recommend Sundae to anybody considering it.”

Sundae is here to help homeowners get the best outcome, whether it be selling your home through an investor on our Marketplace or with a real estate agent. We’re here to help.

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