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After a bad experience with an off-market buyer left a bad taste in her mouth, Shelley decided to see if Sundae really would help her get the best outcome.

Trust is an important element of any transaction. When selling a home, finding a buyer who you can trust is vital to getting the best outcome.

This is especially true with real estate. Both seller and buyer want something out of the transaction, and winning means each side getting what they want. Finding an off-market buyer can be tough, and finding a reliable one can be even harder. This was the situation Shelley found herself in when she decided it was time to sell her home of 10 years.

Selling your home is more than just a transaction. You can’t put a dollar value on the memories and experiences that you have in your home. At the end of the day, working with someone who sees you as more than just another transaction is important.

But, what happens when you unknowingly decide to work with someone that doesn’t have your best interests in mind?

Examining her options

When Shelley decided it was time to sell, she knew that selling off-market would be her best option. With her recent retirement at her back, she decided it was time to sell quickly and relocate outside of California. Shelley and her family had lived together in that house for ten years, and it was time to start fresh elsewhere.

Her 3-bed, 2-bath home in Fremont, was in dire need of repairs. She knew that she would have to renovate if she wanted to sell on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Selling to an iBuyer was an option that Shelley explored, but decided to avoid. Shelley felt that she could net a higher profit with another buyer.

Not wanting to deal with a whole renovation, Shelley reached out to several off-market buyers in her area. To her luck, she received interest from many investors all wanting to purchase the property.

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The first isn’t always best

Although she had successfully enticed interest from several off-market buyers in her area, picking the right one proved to be a challenge. One buyer stood out, as his offer was significantly higher than his competition. Eager to sell, Shelley agreed to further the discussion to see what he could offer.

This offer came at a cost.

During each encounter, Shelley felt pressured to sell her home. She didn’t feel like she was working with a buyer who saw her, and felt that there was “no personal touch.” Instead, Shelley felt she was just another source of inventory.

While examining her options, Shelley came upon another opportunity. “I was actually going through my email and I just happened to click on a message from ‘Sundae’ to see what it was. I called and then set up an appointment,” said Shelley. Our mission to help get homeowners the best outcome resonated with her.

The contrast between Sundae and the other potential buyer became as clear as night and day.

Unlike her current buyer, Shelley felt that “everyone from Sundae was really friendly and nice, and super helpful.” After taking a look at our website, Shelley was intrigued to learn more. She made the call to a Sundae representative and decided to move forward with our process.

After her initial appointment with a Sundae Market Expert had concluded, Shelley agreed to sell her home on Sundae’s Marketplace.

The homebuyers with heart

Shelley was glad to say goodbye to her last buyer, as the experience had left a bad taste in her mouth. The pressure to sell to someone she didn’t trust had finally been relieved. She proceeded to sign an agreement to list on Sundae’s Marketplace.

After only being on the Marketplace for a full day, Shelley had received more offers than she anticipated. Better yet, some of the offers were well above that presented by the last buyer. Not only had Shelley found a better offer, but she found it by using a company that sees her.

An advocate you can depend on

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Shelley needed to extend her closing date by about a week. She had recently fallen ill and found herself in the hospital the week before her closing date. Seeing as how Shelley was in need of some help, we stepped in to offer a hand. “I only had about five days to pack up the house, and so Sundae helped extend my closing date with the new owner of the house. They were really nice about it.”

Seeing as how Shelley was in desperate need of assistance, her Market Expert went above and beyond and offered to come help her pack her things. “My Market Expert came over all day from like 8:45am to 5pm that night and helped me pack. It really made things easier for me,” said Shelley.

Helping Shelley find the best outcome was our first priority. When we saw how she was being treated by her last prospective buyer, we knew we could step in to help. Sundae serves as an advocate for sellers, even if they don’t end up using us. Even if Shelley had not agreed to use our Marketplace, we would have happily helped her find an alternative buyer that she could trust.

Once the sale was complete, Shelley finally understood our mission to be ‘the Homebuyers with Heart.’

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A fresh start

With her house sold, Shelley could finally focus on relocating out of California. Although her path to selling her home was tough, Shelley came out the other side more than satisfied with her Sundae experience.

“I’ve recommended you to several people, two of whom are actually going to use Sundae to sell their homes, plus I already have a friend who is about to close. I couldn’t recommend you enough!”

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