Avoid Seller's Remorse by Getting the Best Off-Market Price

How it works

You can rest easy when you work with Sundae. By offering your home to the largest network of property investors, we can ensure you’ll get the highest off-market price possible. We handle all the details and make the process worry free along the way.

How we're able to do it

We’re able to get you more money for your house because we have a different way of doing business. The Sundae marketplace creates competition among investors bidding on your home, thereby ensuring that you receive the highest offer an investor is willing to pay.

How your offer is determined

Step 1

We assess the condition of your house and the repairs required to bring it to like-new condition.

Step 2

We calculate what your house would be worth after repairs and advertise it to our marketplace of thousands of investors.

Step 3

Multiple investors bid on your house, giving you the opportunity to receive the top price anyone will pay.

Step 4

We present you a list of cash offers and you get to choose the highest and best.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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