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Dr. Phil and Sundae: Resources to Sell Fast Without Stress

Take the stress out of selling your home and get the best price. Sell as-is. Pay zero fees to Sundae. Move on your timeline. No repairs, cleaning, or showings.

Partners with a Purpose

People need support during any pivotal life transition, including when it’s time to sell a home. Dr. Phil and Sundae are proud to work together to help people navigate the home-selling process through a transparent and worry-free experience.

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Dr. Phil
“Sundae’s mission and mine, to help people, are a natural fit. Sundae is focused on removing the guesswork from what can be the most stressful part of selling: getting the best outcome.”
Dr. Phil
“Sundae’s model is unique. It protects you, the seller, from predators and pressure. It empowers you and puts you in control when those are traits that might seem unattainable.”
— Dr. Phil
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Royce's Story

Hear From a Satisfied Sundae Customer
Sundae customers Royce and Lee sat down to speak with Dr. Phil about their seamless experience selling as-is with Sundae.
Ending Predatory Practices
Our mission is to end the scam culture in the real estate industry, one enlightened home-seller at a time. Learn how you can guard yourself against the predators waiting for you on the market.
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Watch Dr. Phil explain how easy Sundae makes it to sell your home—for the best price.
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Sell as-is. Pay zero fees to Sundae. Move on your time. No repairs, cleanings, or showings.
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Dr. Phillip C. McGraw is a paid spokesperson for Sundae and made this content in partnership with the company.