Rob Marini

Sundae blog contributor

Rob Marini is a content writer for Sundae who also produces content for real estate agents, investors, and prop tech companies across the country. He works as a digital marketing specialist in Connecticut, where he resides. When he’s not designing content or learning about real estate, you can find him podcasting, playing the guitar, or watching the Philadelphia Eagles.

By Rob Marini on Jun 15, 2022

Let's take a look at some of the factors that make a state landlord-friendly.

By Rob Marini on Jun 14, 2022

Learn how to select the correct real estate investment strategy tailored to your individual goals.

By Rob Marini on Jun 3, 2022

Sundae Edge is a premium membership with exclusive product features.

By Rob Marini on May 31, 2022

Let's consider your goals as an investor to find out the best strategy for you.

By Rob Marini on May 30, 2022

Our team took feedback from our marketplace investors and built something to give them an edge.

By Rob Marini on May 20, 2022

So how do you find and keep a trustworthy general contractor?

By Rob Marini on May 13, 2022

Let’s review the things you should know about short and long-term rentals before you invest.

By Rob Marini on May 6, 2022

Investors are buying up turnkey homes because of their finished and move-in condition.

By Rob Marini on Apr 29, 2022

They offer serious advantages that any real estate investors should keep their eye on.