A Day in the Life of a Market Expert

Market Experts are the face of Sundae. They come to your house to make selling your home a personal, heartwarming experience.

If you’ve ever seen a bright red Sundae-branded car around town, chances are it’s a Market Expert inside driving to help a customer. Our experienced Market Experts add a personal touch and make selling a home with Sundae a breeze.

Market Experts are real estate professionals who act as an advocate and resource to any homeowner considering selling their home on Sundae’s marketplace. They come out to your home and walk you through Sundae’s process. Our Market Experts help you sell your house as-is with no cleaning or repairs.

Here’s how Market Experts help you get the best outcome.

Key responsibilities

Market Experts have the esteemed pleasure of meeting homeowners on their own turf. They help figure out the potential within a property, which requires a lot of detailed calculations.

Market Experts also:

  • Perform a detailed evaluation of a property
  • Determine what renovations will get the home in the best shape possible
  • Provide an offer range on your home

In order to help homeowners get the best offer possible for their home without having to list the property, a seller must sign a Marketplace Agreement provided by their Market Expert. The Marketplace Agreement is vital, as it opens up your home to our network of thousands of vetted investors who will compete to buy your property.

Meet Michelle Taylor

To a Market Expert, their interaction with a homeowner is about so much more than the act of selling a house. Meet Market Expert Michelle Taylor (Cal DRE 02013601). In her words:

“Above all else, a Market Expert will help the seller decide if working with Sundae is right for them.”

Having worked in real estate for over eight years, Michelle has touched hundreds of homes across California, involved in either their purchase or renovation. She loves that her job is so much more complex than simply making a set offer.

Beyond assessing a home, Michelle takes special pride in advising the homeowner of their options. The goal is for them to arrive at what’s best for their unique situation.

“We understand that not every house or circumstance is the right fit for a Seller to get the best outcome for the sale of their home and circumstance. We are happy to explore each situation and help a seller decide if Sundae can provide them assistance in quick and convenient sale of their home.”

What matters most is the customer experience.

Putting a face to our marketplace

Meeting Michelle, or any Market Expert from Sundae, face-to-face or through a virtual appointment, is a special part of our experience. Most off-market buyers calculate their initial offer based on a computer algorithm or an online survey. None of your personal circumstances get taken into account. At Sundae, we act as a marketplace, but it’s the personal information that matters most to us.

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On average, a Market Expert makes two initial property visits with new customers per day. Michelle sees these property visits as, “the most important part” of the job. They take priority over anything else on their plates.

The in-house visit is a time when the Market Expert walks through and assesses the home. It’s also a time to establish a relationship with you, the homeowner. This relationship goes beyond the visit, and Michelle spends most of her time each day, when not onsite, following up with customers she’s already contacted.

What little time is left over in a day gives Market Experts time to prepare for upcoming appointments. Michelle does this by running preliminary valuations and mocking up estimated construction budgets for new properties she’ll soon check out in person.

What it’s like to work with a company with heart

What makes working with Sundae special for Michelle is how she gets to go about providing an offer range on a home. An offer range is a valuation of potential offers on a home. This valuation is determined by factors such as location, whether repairs need to be made, and current buyer demand.

These valuation factors can change on a week to week basis based on factors such as current interest rates, the economy, and seasonality. Because of these factors, Market Experts must be up to date with current market conditions. This requires our Market Experts to be caught up on both national and local market trends.

“When a Market Expert makes a home valuation of potential offers, they are considering the ever changing landscape of real estate to give a homeowner a ballpark of where offers will most likely land within the time offers are due to the seller” she said.

With that in mind, the circumstances of each seller will also factor into any decision. We offer a flexible closing time frame, the option to leave behind furniture or other items you don’t want, and a cash advance of up to $10,000.

Market Experts often continue advising homeowners no matter what direction they go in when it comes to their home. They could decide to refinance, rent out their property, or handle renovations on their own. “We truly want our customers to get the best outcome regardless of if that means working with us.”

Being a Market Expert gives Michelle the ability to truly help homeowners who’ve found themselves in a tough situation. It’s not about the bottom line, but rather creating an experience that feels safe and transparent. This added dimension makes being a Market Expert a rewarding experience for the entire team at Sundae.

A day in the life of a Market Expert

Each day as a Market Expert is special, and the best part of Michelle’s day is meeting with customers. She also feels at home with the rest of her teammates.

“I love working with so many like minded people, dedicated to doing not just good work creating high quality work in their individual lanes, but good things in our community and industry. I love the mission and I am challenged by my peers and the purpose of Sundae everyday. I love it here.”

Our Market Experts are here for you.

If you’re ready to sell your home, but worry that it’s not market-ready, you do have options. And, at Sundae, our customer-centric approach keeps you first and foremost during every step of the process. From the moment you contact us to when a Market Expert, like Michelle, comes out to meet you and assess your home, it’s your needs that are most important to us. Even after we present an offer range and begin the process of listing your home on our Marketplace, you matter most.

See what it’s like to sell to a company that cares more about the people than the bottom line. Contact Sundae today.

Become a market expert

As Sundae continues to expand nationwide, we are looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Market Expert team. Individuals who are interested in applying for this role need to be people-oriented. You will act as a liaison between Sundae and our customers.

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