COVID-19 Financial Resource Guide for Homeowners

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our society has been sudden and far-reaching. As a nation and world, we face a new reality of economic trauma, job loss, social distancing, quarantines, overwhelmed infrastructure and, of course, the constant threat of contracting a serious disease. Federal, state, and local governments, with their counterparts in the medical community, are scrambling to provide practical solutions, financial aid, and a sense of comfort in this time of crisis. But the days ahead will be full of hard decisions.

As we contemplate how to navigate this uncertain future, most of us will seek answers to questions about our income, savings, investments, and financial wellness. At the center of these issues is the role played by real estate. Whether it’s buying, selling, using your home for capital, or managing a major life change, Sundae compiled this list of articles for homeowners to help you through in the most difficult financial times. We’re also still buying houses, if you’re looking to sell fast and need a good outcome.

Check back often as we’ll routinely update the page with new information. (Most recent update – April 27, 2020.)

Contents of this Guide

The Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

The coronavirus outbreak affects the daily lives of millions of Americans, creating a ripple effect that disrupts our jobs, family, social relationships, finances, and personal health. The following tips and resources deal directly with the virus and its immediate effects on the real estate industry.

Dealing with Tragedy

It’s uncomfortable to talk about, but the spread of coronavirus threatens our lives and the lives of those closest to us. If you’re dealing with the estate of a loved one who has passed, we have information and guidance to help you avoid added stress during a tough time.

Facing Financial Distress

The fallout from COVID-19 on the economy has been swift and severe, with millions of employees laid off or furloughed and small businesses decimated. Others face huge losses in pensions and retirement holdings with the drop in the stock market. If you’re running into your own financial troubles, turn to the Sundae blog for a financial assist.

Homeowner Help and Guidance

Life doesn’t stop just because the world is facing unprecedented events. As a homeowner, you still have a property to take care of. Plus, there’s the responsibility of looking out for everyone in your household. Here are some ways you can use this time to shore up your housing situation.

Selling a House to Free Up Capital

Maybe you’re looking to get an old property off your hands, or perhaps you’ve been put in a difficult situation. Whatever the case, selling your house can offer an attractive way to raise cash to help you deal with other financial needs. Here’s what to be aware of if you’re selling.

Tips for Selling Your House

People are still buying houses during the pandemic. Everyone has to live somewhere. If you decide to sell a house, you probably have a lot of questions about the best ways to do it. Here you’ll find helpful information and answers to tricky questions about selling.

Avoiding Fraud and Risky Contracts

Let’s face it. When the economy starts looking gloomy, all the world’s hucksters, con artists, and snake oil salesmen seem to come out of the woodwork. Protect yourself from financial and legal harm by learning how to negotiate and handle common real estate agreements.

Making Big Life Changes

Chaotic times like the ones we’re living in with COVID-19 tend to increase the number of critical decisions we face. These include relocation, job loss, divorce, and changes in our housing situation. Regardless of your challenge, Sundae is here to help.

Tax Tips

As millions of individuals and businesses cope with massive disruptions to normal life, the IRS gave us a small ray of hope: the deadline for filing taxes got extended. Here are some helpful hints and informational insights for homeowners to consider during this extra long tax season.

Help Buying a House

Though the buying and selling of houses is starting to slow, people still have to live somewhere. And with prices dropping, you may find a deal. If you’re thinking about buying a house, here are some articles to help you navigate the residential real estate market.

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