Exclusive to Edge Members: Sundae Funding+

A core benefit of joining Sundae as an Edge member is access to Sundae Funding+. This is a lending option that streamlines the process of purchasing properties and builds upon our already existing offerings to bring Edge members even more value.

Securing funding is for every real estate investment. Mortgage rates, pre-approval, underwriting, and closing can all affect whether it makes sense for an investor to buy a property or not.

To expand funding options for real estate investors, Sundae is introducing Sundae Funding+ as an exciting tool for Edge members. The new Edge membership provides a variety of benefits to the Sundae community and investors will now be able to expand and streamline their real estate business.

What is Sundae’s Edge Membership?

There are three membership plans — one free option and two premium (Edge) options.


The Essential plan is free for all members of the Sundae community and will include all of the powerful tools and resources that Sundae already has. Essential members have access to Sundae’s Marketplace with the ability to place offers on off-market deals in one real estate market.

Investors can also find a great deal of resources and due diligence materials. Purchasing considerations such as title reports, inspection reports, 3D floor plans, virtual tours, and disclosures are included with each home listing. Additionally, Sundae provides Essential members with an investor advisor who is focused on user experience and guides members through Sundae’s features by figuring out their investment goals.

Edge and Edge+

Edge membership includes everything that Essential users get, plus a host of added benefits and features.

Essential members will be able to target one market out of dozens offered by Sundae. However, Edge members will be able to choose three markets to expand their search and Edge+ members have unlimited nationwide capability when it comes to new markets.

Both premium options provide investors with new tools that will streamline the process of buying a property on Sundae’s Marketplace. For instance, AutoOffer is a feature where Edge members can use one click automation to bid on houses in increments. They can also view their offer position compared to competition in order to shape their winning strategy.

Only Edge and Edge+ members will have access to Sundae’s new mobile app that has real-time map navigation where listings populate in your selected market. Members can easily view historical home sale prices and filter homes according to their preferences.

And then there’s Sundae Funding+.

Find funding for your deals

Sundae Funding was conceived to help solve one of the biggest questions investors have to answer: “how am I going to fund this deal?”

When the offering launched in a variety of markets across the country, CEO and Co-Founder Josh Stech had this to say:“The biggest challenge investors face is finding opportunities. Their second biggest challenge is financing. After piloting lending in our home state of California, we’re excited to begin offering the service in more markets so that investors can simplify their buying experience, and offer them a one-stop-shop for property investing.”

Sundae’s lending service is also available for properties sourced outside of Sundae’s marketplace. Investors can finance costs such as remodeling and construction expenses along with the initial purchase price of the property. Borrower’s furnished underwriting documents are only reviewed once a year, and they are given access to Sundae’s network of loan specialists who can advise homebuyers in securing the proper financing path that aligns with their goals.

Next, we introduced Sundae Funding+ to create an even better experience for investors with Edge membership.

What’s different about Sundae Funding+?

As part of our new lending offering, Sundae Funding+ integrates with the existing marketplace to provide investors with pre-approval, preferred rates, and a guaranteed efficient closing process. Investors can now seamlessly finance their next property with discounted rates and an underwriting process that prioritizes the purchasing speed of properties.

The core benefits of Sundae Funding+ include:

  • Waiving closing late fees. The closing process is unpredictable at times. As part of Sundae’s guarantee, when delays happen on our end due to financing, closing fees are waived for Sundae Funding+ users.
  • Expedited 5 day closings. Time is money and investors want to get in fast. Quick closings appeal to sellers and allow investors access to the property in as little as 5 days.

Investors should be able to have a variety of options and inventory at their disposal. Whether you’re investing in local areas or long distance, Sundae is committed to expanding inventory into new markets to increase the accessibility of our new features. Sundae Funding+ is available in a select, but growing group of markets.

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Rob Marini

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