How to Win Big in Today’s Market

You need to be willing to adapt if you plan to thrive as a real estate investor. This is especially true in a rapidly changing economic environment. In this webinar, our experts give actionable solutions to win big even in this ever-changing market.

The market is changing extremely fast. Everything from underwriting and financing options to price expectations continue to be a moving target. In a recent webinar, our team of experts discussed how to navigate the latest changes, answered important trending questions, and suggested strategies to make the most out of the current market conditions.

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Big questions investors are asking right now

Over the past few years we’ve seen record-high appreciation and tremendous competition over a limited housing supply. Things began changing in 2022. First, the war in Ukraine and further Covid outbreaks in China. Then the Fed began waging a war of its own on sky high inflation. When interest rates began to increase combined with other factors, the housing market shifted to where it is now.

This major shift has led investors to ask questions about how to profit during times like this. Our experts weighed in with their opinions and perceptions of what’s going on in the market. Sundae does not provide investment advice: a_Z_lways be sure to use your best judgment and complete your due diligence when making an investment decision.

How can investors navigate the new reality versus seller expectations?

There are a few things that you can do to navigate this. First and foremost, you’ll want to be clear on your underwriting and only offer what you’re comfortable with. It’s also important to factor in current listing prices as opposed to those from several months ago because they don’t necessarily reflect the market today.

What can investors do to fund future deals?

Underwriting has changed in recent months. With money harder to come by, some investors feel stuck. To overcome this obstacle you should consider leveraging your relationships. That could mean with other lenders you know or even asking your local investor advisor for recommendations.

What’s your advice to investors on the sideline right now?

There is a lot of opportunity for investors who are willing to get creative. It might be possible to find a deal simply because there’s less competition. Another option is to consider multiple exit strategies: could you buy and hold? Should you flip? Would this property be a good short-term rental? By looking at each property from multiple angles, you’ll have more potential options.

Tune in to learn more about other trending topics

In addition to the questions discussed above, there were other topics mentioned. The panelists also discussed questions like:

  • Why do investors need to know about ADUs?
  • Are there ways to get creative when analyzing deals on Sundae’s Marketplace?
  • What are some ways that flippers can pad their margins for bigger gains?
  • When should an investor consider looking at deals in another market?
  • What types of houses are investors targeting on Sundae’s Marketplace?

To win big in the current market, resources like this webinar will give you the insights you need.

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