Real Estate With a Mission: Becoming a Homebuyer With Heart

When Kyle J. discovered Sundae, he knew it would be a perfect match. Everything from a shared mission to the product itself align with his blossoming real estate business.

When talking to a successful real estate investor, one of the first things everyone wants to know is how that person got started.

Kyle quickly realized that corporate life just wasn’t for him. In his early twenties, he was already experiencing burnout. Feeling overworked, “I decided to quit on a whim. Although I didn’t have a plan, I knew there was something better out there,” he noted.

As fate would have it, Kyle reconnected with an old friend who flipped houses. Something about real estate investing stood out. A shortcut to finding what you want in life is to first examine what you don’t want. It was obvious that working 9-5 and retiring at 65 was not an option. Instead, he wanted flexibility: “real estate allows you to be your own boss, travel at your leisure, set your own schedule, and be as aggressive or conservative as you want.”

Fast forward two years from that pivotal juncture and Kyle had 150 flips under his belt. Since then, he’s continued to thrive using a variety of investment strategies ranging from flipping to BRRRRs and long-term rentals. To fuel his demand for more properties, Kyle sought resources that would give him an advantage. Sundae’s Marketplace has done just that.

Mission driven real estate investing

One day Kyle was looking for deals on Facebook when an advertisement for Sundae’s Marketplace popped up. When he clicked, it brought him to a page that said “join our community of homebuyers with heart and invest the better way.” This resonated with him.

Of course, he wants to make a profit on all of his deals and continue to thrive financially. However, he’s equally as committed to helping others and providing affordable housing. Working with Sundae has enabled him to grow his business to several states without losing sight of his mission. “I’m focused on the triple bottom line,” he noted.

The triple bottom line

Kyle has found financial success without compromising on his beliefs. Here’s what he calls the “triple bottom line.”

  • People. There’s an emphasis on putting people first in this philosophy. Put simply Kyle quipped “does an extra $50 a month change my life in a meaningful way? No, but for a single mom trying to make ends meet, that could be huge.”
  • Profit. Somewhat ironically, focusing on people first has allowed him to profit more. He has very low vacancy and turnover on his properties. This has saved him time looking for new tenants and money that he would lose leaving a property empty.
  • Planet. Finding ways to be more sustainable will ultimately lead to innovation while bettering the planet at the same time.

Transparency every step of the way

One of Sundae’s core values is transparency. In a marketplace where there are two sides to any transaction, this is paramount. Kyle has found each and every experience with Sundae to match this ideal.

If you’ve been in real estate long enough, eventually you’ll run into some unscrupulous characters. In contrast, he said “I know that Sundae is not trying to hide anything. Your team is very transparent: I know it’s direct to the seller, the condition isn’t fabricated, you give us an inspection report, and you offer your research as a resource. It’s a much better process.”

A team that cares

Real estate is a largely relationship driven business. Everything from finding contractors to closing deals relies on putting your trust in others. If you invest out of state, that’s even more true. Kyle invests across various markets and made sure to emphasize that his investor advisor has been an invaluable member of his team.They’ve built a real relationship after such a long time working together. In fact, Kyle said “although my Investor Advisor works for Sundae, it feels like he works for me. He has my best interests at heart all the way through any deal. It never feels transactional in nature.” It’s evident that he will go to bat for Kyle on any deal.

Time saving real estate resources

Driving from site to site can be incredibly time consuming when you’re doing dozens of deals. Even so, Kyle has never felt the need to go to one of the properties he’s purchased on Sundae. These are some of the resources he cited in his explanation:

  • Interior and exterior property photos
  • 3D Tours
  • Home inspection and title reports
  • Floor plans

The praise for these offerings continued, “in whatever markets you’re in, you have investor grade properties and see everything on the spot without driving to them. It has been incredible.” When time is your most valuable asset, the ability to invest from anywhere allows you to structure your life in a way that works for you.

Taking advantage of his Edge membership

Without being prompted to, Kyle was enthusiastic about sharing his experience with our premium membership program, Edge.

Being an Atlanta native hasn’t limited his reach to just one market. Kyle invests in several markets including Nashville, Jacksonville, and more. That list continues to expand with his Edge membership. He attested that Sundae “gives me access to areas that I typically wouldn’t look in” because we have markets spanning from coast to coast.

Another feature that he highlighted was AutoOffer, which allows you to automate your offers, set limits, and more. Prior to this service, he recalled having to sign in to make offers last minute. This has given him time back in his day all while making competitive bids on properties.

Committed to long-term excellence in real estate and beyond

It should come as no surprise that Kyle is committed to growing his real estate empire across the southeastern United States. As his presence in new markets grows, he views it as an opportunity to help more families and further his mission. Working with Sundae is a big part of his future plans. Together, the potential is limitless.

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Kyle Spearin

Kyle is Sundae's Real Estate Editor. As both an investor and content marketing professional, Kyle combines his passion for real estate investing and educational background with his love of helping others. His experience with real estate tech companies, including contributing to BiggerPockets Pro, gives him insight into markets across the United States.