Sell Your Flip Faster with Staging

Successful flippers know the extraordinary value of staging a house. Staging a house creates appeal for potential homebuyers and can generate a quicker sale if it’s done the right way.

Flippers know that time is ticking from the moment they sign papers to the time of the eventual sale. Ultimately, you want to complete your renovation on time and sell as fast as possible afterwards. In doing so, you save on holding costs and other factors that hinder your profits.

Needless to say, flippers have to be very efficient to make this happen. One of the key strategies flippers can implement to make the sale go smoothly is to stage the house. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that staging helps buyers visualize the space, so these properties sell faster.

This article will help you successfully stage your next flip.

Boost your lighting

Dim lighting is not great for staging because it takes away from your new features and renovations. Plus, it’s hard to get good listing photos when lighting is sparse. Upgrading your lighting is an excellent way to showcase your hard work.

Use modern light fixtures with LED bulbs. This will maximize the brightness which gives the illusion that your house is open with plenty of space. It will make your lighting energy-efficient as well.

Energy-efficient lighting is attractive with rising utility costs and it’s better for the environment. Homebuyers are making note of everything that they have to improve or change within a staged house. Creating energy efficiency crosses off one more correction on their list. Plus, it will save them money down the line!

Stay neutral

Flippers tend to choose neutral colors when painting and follow suit elsewhere. The intent is to appeal to the widest audience as possible, garnering more potential buyers. Staging a house follows this principle as well.

A neutral house offers a clean-slate where the homebuyer can envision themselves. Loud wallpaper, bold colors (like red or orange), and personal decorations take away from their vision. Instead, show them what their house could look like and how colors can be used.

If you think the house looks plain, focus on making it feel fresh. Use earthly decorations such as small, healthy plants in the corners and space them out strategically. This makes the space feel alive.

Furniture arrangements

Furniture design also has to be strategic. You want the space to feel bigger and help a future buyer envision how they might live in your space.

Open up the middle of the living room so seats and couches are facing each other. Envision people walking through your house where they are comfortable socializing rather than bumping into each other with a cramped feeling.

The color of your furniture also matters. While you’ll want neutral colored couches and seating, there’s space for some creativity. Using throw pillows on couches is a useful tool to create tiny decorations and pops of color.

Here are a few pro tips:

  • In private spaces (like bedrooms, offices, and dens) it’s okay to put furniture against the wall so you can highlight the open space.
  • Make sure that you direct your stager to any areas with awkward spacing that might otherwise attract attention if not staged properly.


The first thing a potential buyer sees is the exterior of the house. It creates curb appeal and develops early impressions!

It’s worth it to improve the landscape or hire a landscaper who can create stunning visuals as potential homebuyers drive by. Make sure the lawn looks healthy and you can plant around walkways and the property if you have the budget. Tidy up the yard from leaves and sticks and consider trimming dead tree branches. If your property has minimal opportunities for landscaping, adding a planter with a form of greenery by your front door can make a big difference.

Power washing is another affordable service that could make a huge difference. You can restore a dirty or oil-stained driveway and make a dull looking deck look much better. The whole exterior of the house could be power washed too. Focus on the windows, door, gutters, and paint.

Finally, the lighting we mentioned before? Don’t be afraid to add modern lights or posts near your mailbox or in the yard!

Finishing touches

Your flip doesn’t have to look boring even though it’s neutral. Accessorize where you can. That vacant bedroom that doesn’t have a purpose? Stage it as a home office with a computer chair and small desk.

Are any coffee tables or countertops feeling empty? You can add fruit bowls or fresh flowers in vases. Grab some fresh plush towels and add them to the empty space in the bathroom. It helps homebuyers make a choice as they imagine themselves living in your flip.

Are you ready to stage a house?

Staging is a valuable part of the home selling process. In order to sell fast with a maximum ROI, flippers should stage the property using a fine eye for detail. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a wonderful first impression on potential buyers.

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