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June 3, 2021

Selling your home can be a very stressful process. From getting things ready to sell, to the paperwork and administration involved, it can take a long time and really wear you down. For this reason, many people look for faster ways of selling their house. If you’re in the camp that’s asking, “how do I sell my house fast?” then the rest of this article will tell you everything you need to know.

How do I sell my house fast?

In order to learn how you can sell your house faster, you need to understand what fast actually means in this context. To do this, let’s take a look at the median number of days that a house spends on the market in the U.S. today.

Median Number of Days a House Spends on the US Market

CityStateMedian Days on the Market
Boise CityIdaho34
El PasoTexas56
San DiegoCalifornia39

While the average time spent on the market, according to, was 56 days in August 2020, it’s clear that this varies a lot throughout the nation. The trend on the year before was an 8% decrease in this median time, so overall homes are selling faster than they did in 2019.

However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. While these are average figures for time spent on the market, you can easily find a buyer much sooner. Sellers can find themselves waiting just 11 days to find the right buyer, but the selling process can then add a significant amount of time onto this.

But there are even faster ways to sell your house. There are cash investors who might buy your home in a matter of days, while iBuyers are also becoming more numerous. iBuyers, or instant buyers, make use of artificial intelligence to quickly and automatically price a property online. The seller can then make use of this streamlined automation to sell their house faster than they can through traditional means.

But before we talk about these cases in more detail, let’s consider what you need to do to sell your house fast in the first place.

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3 tips for selling your house fast on the MLS

If you want to sell your house fast, regardless of how you decide to do it, following these tips will make the process much easier:

  • Clean your house from top to bottom – This allows you to really show off the maximum square footage of your home, and everything it has to offer
  • Fix any outstanding issues – This could mean simply fixing a broken cabinet door or repainting a disused room. But it could also involve more extensive work, like installing a new roof or replacing old windows. While essential for any kind of home sale, this is even more important if you’re trying to get the deal done ASAP
  • Think about your selling strategy – Do you sell as FSBO or using a realtor?

This last point is a tough one for new sellers. If you really want to maximize selling your house fast, you need to know whether a realtor is right for you.

How can I sell my house fast without a realtor?

This is one of the most common questions that new sellers have. When it comes to speed, is it faster or slower to use a realtor? What about fees and profits? We’ll talk about the costs in the next section, but for now let’s focus on how to sell your house fast without a realtor.

Step 1

Prepare your house – Follow the tips above, cleaning, fixing and making your house look as good as possible. Making your home more attractive will make it easier to sell it fast.

Step 2

Choose the right price – This can be the hard part of going realtor-free. Check the listing prices of similar homes in your area. Your buyers will be doing their research too, so make sure you do yours!

Step 3

Get on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – This is a must, as it’s the easiest way to get some exposure for your property.

Step 4

Market your home and hold viewings – Get out there and promote your home! Holding an open house is a great way to really show off your home.

Step 5

Negotiate with potential buyers – This is the important part, as it’s what your realtor would be doing on your behalf. You need to do the legwork to ensure you get the right price for your home.

What are the risks of selling my house fast?

If you choose to sell your house fast without a realtor, there are a few things you’re missing out on. Your realtor will be doing a lot of the work described above. From marketing your house in various ways to carrying out the negotiations. Without a realtor, the onus for all of this is on you. So, if you’re not good at marketing or negotiating, you run the risk of getting the wrong price or struggling to sell your house at all.

If you choose to go it alone you also have to deal with any potential issues, be them simple problems with the listing services or major legal complications. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could very quickly end up in hot water.

Are there risks of who I sell to?

There are also risks associated with who you sell to, and not just how you sell. If you find yourself selling your home to an individual investor, you’re dealing with someone looking to get the best price possible so they can sell up for a profit.

This means you might attract some very low offers. The numbers of homes sold to investors rather than simple homeowners rose by 4% from 2019 to 2020. So, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a few of them. Then there are iBuyers, or instant buyers, who use software to determine prices to buy and sell homes automatically.

With these, and indeed some investors, you can run the risk of them reducing their offer at the last minute. This can cause problems if you enter into agreements too soon, or if you spend excessive time or money on the sale and are left with nowhere else to look. This can often lead to sellers having to take their reduced offer, sometimes for major losses.

Finally, most real estate agents say that the biggest mistake sellers make is overpricing their homes. Whether it be to investors, potential homeowners or iBuyers, incorrectly pricing your home could lead to no sale at all!

But aside from these risks, what are the benefits of selling your house fast? Specifically, how much can you make?

How much can I make by selling my house fast?

When you choose to sell your house fast without using a realtor, you open yourself up to a few benefits. The first is of course a faster sale, with much less paperwork. Depending on how well you market the home, you might be able to skip drawn-out open houses and long closing timelines.

As for specific numbers, it can vary quite a lot. While iBuyers might offer you prices of up to 98% of the fair market value of your home, there’s a much bleaker picture when we look at the national average. However, bear in mind that the second figure in the table below is for those truly going it alone, using FSBO, or for sale by owner.

Median Sale Price Based on Method of Sale

Method of SaleMedian Sale Price
With an agent$280,000
For sale by owner$200,000

But the actual amount you can receive when selling your home fast will depend on a variety of factors. While you might see a lower figure when selling to a cash buyer, some, like Sundae, will offer a cash advance of up to $10,000 to help with moving and closing costs. They’ll also usually take the home as is, and you won’t need to worry about repair costs. But how do you sell a house that needs a lot of work – and fast?

What is the fastest way to sell a house that needs work?

Our top tips for selling your house fast if it needs work are:

  1. Clean up your home – make it as attractive as possible where you can
  2. Fix any small issues that don’t require too much time or financial investment
  3. Consider renovation loans that are available to you
  4. Make sure you don’t overprice the home – this can instantly repel potential buyers!

If you sell to a cash buyer like Sundae, you won’t need to worry about any cleanup or repairs prior to selling your house. You also don’t need to pay any fees, and you might even be able to get a cash advance. Most importantly, you could close the sale in just 10 days!

How to sell my house fast in San Diego, California

If you’re looking to sell your house fast in San Diego, California, then it’s useful to first learn a bit more about the region. Brushing up on your local real estate knowledge can make selling your house fast much easier.

Year on year growth

The San Diego housing market is continuing to grow in 2021. Year-on-year sales increased by more than 23%, and the median house price increased by just over 20%. The growth in the San Diego metropolitan area has been the fastest since 2005.

These trends bode well for those looking to sell their house fast in San Diego, California. With both prices and sale volume going up, not only will you be able to sell your house fast, but you could get a more favorable price too.

San Diego house prices

Chart that shows house prices in San Diego, CA


To paint a better picture of the prices of houses in San Diego, it’s useful to see how things are split across the different price ranges. It’s clear that the majority of homes in San Diego fall under the $1 million mark, and very few sell for less than $60,000. While the median house price in 2020 was above $700,000, a third of all houses in the area cost between $358,000 and $596,000. Still, the real lion’s share of houses falls in the lucrative range of $596,001 to $1,192,000. This is good news for those in San Diego that want to sell their house fast, and for a high price.

At the top of the scale

In terms of overall performance, there are some key metrics that set up San Diego’s housing market as one of the best in the nation. Data from April 2021 suggests San Diego is only beaten by Phoenix, Arizona in terms of overall growth.

But it’s not just the housing market that’s gaining. With 31,900 jobs added in the first two months of 2021, San Diego is seeing unprecedented growth in its workforce. This bodes very well for those looking to sell their house fast in San Diego. With more workers come more potential home buyers. With that comes an easier environment for those looking to sell their home fast.

Housing Market in San Diego

MetricChange on previous year
Pending sales+53%
Single-family home sales+41%
Condos and townhome sales+77%

Choose the right option

Being aware of the market trends in your area, be it San Diego or anywhere else in the country, will help when trying to sell your house fast. Always make sure to do your research, as it can often be tough to choose between a slower, less risky sale with a realtor, or a fee-free, shorter sale with a cash buyer. Knowing which approach is right for you can save you a lot of time, money and trouble.

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