A Helping Hand at a Time of Need

Margie and Billie were in a tough place when their mother passed away. Sundae helped them sell the house they inherited in a stress-free fashion.

Buying and selling a house are among the most stressful life events that people experience. Another is the loss of a loved one.

Sisters Margie and Billie found themselves dealing with both at the same time. After their mother passed away, they were left deciding what to do with the Dallas metro area house that they inherited. Needless to say, they had their hands full: “we didn’t want a drawn out situation, we wanted a fast sale” Margie recalled.

They found a home selling solution that removed a great deal of stress from the equation. This allowed them to put their family first at a time where it was much needed. Here’s how Margie and Billie were able to overcome obstacles to make the most of a challenging time.

One fateful day at the nail salon

Margie and Billie knew that they wanted a quick and seamless sale. They also knew that they wanted to sell as-is. Margie elaborated on this point by saying that “neither of us had the time or money to deal with the house. We knew it had value, but it wasn’t something we wanted to do on our own.”

With this in mind, the sister duo were in search of an all-encompassing solution. A cash buyer gave them a call with the promise to do just that. They quickly learned that this was too good to be true. The offer wasn’t something they could accept, understanding that they might be able to sell it for more elsewhere. Since the cash buyer was firm on pricing, they had to turn the offer down.

That brought them back to the drawing board. Then, at a nail salon of all places, the answer appeared.

The power of referrals

One day, Margie went to get her nails done. During the course of her conversation with her nail tech, a company called Sundae came up. The nail tech’s dad sold his house on Sundae’s Marketplace and had a great experience. This glowing recommendation was the catalyst for everything that followed.

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Selling fast without compromising on the best outcome

From the start, Margie and Billie trusted Sundae. Compared to the cash buyer who called, it quickly became obvious that Sundae had their best interest in mind. At the end of our conversation, Billie expressed her gratitude: “we really have to thank you guys for being so professional and getting things done in a very quick manner.” Below are some of the main reasons that both she and Margie highlighted about their experience.

  • A quick sale. From start to finish, the process was short and sweet. Within 3 weeks of the first Market Expert visit, they were signing closing papers.
  • Multiple offers. The beauty of a marketplace format is that it drives competition between investors. After 2 hours live on the marketplace, they had their first bid. More would follow shortly thereafter.
  • A satisfying price. When it was all said and done, the sisters got what they expected for the home. Billie agreed with Margie when she noted that “we were pleased with the outcome given the state of the house.”
  • No fees. Unlike real estate agents who may charge 6% to list a home, there were no fees directed at Billie or Margie. What they saw as the bottom line was what they received.
  • Seamless selling. The sisters recalled that there “weren’t any bumps in the road.” They felt that it was a smooth transition and seamless process and credited our team for everything.

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Guidance from a customer-centric team

Billie and Margie felt that our team was genuine and provided a human touch to something that could be seen as a transactional process. It was clear that the team was willing to do whatever it took to help.
“Everybody was just so nice and helpful trying to get everything to come together. In fact, the Market Expert came out on a Saturday” Margie recounted. Billie furthered this point by noting that the Market Expert was very knowledgeable as well. She felt informed and got her questions answered in a timely manner. Neither sister ever felt out of the loop due to the constant communication and transparency.

Above all, Margie and Billie felt like Sundae was there for them in a time of need. This put them at ease and gave them confidence that they made the right decision.

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A new chapter

Gratitude was a common theme throughout their story. Their mother got to enjoy the house she lived in for 30 years. During that time there were a lot of memories made at her home, especially for the grandchildren. Margie and Billie have carried on many family traditions at their homes to keep the memory of their mother alive.

Though they will always remember that Sundae helped them through a difficult time in life, we can’t wait to see how the next chapter unfolds. The sisters are setting out to make the most of a new chapter in their lives. Billie recounted that she’s blessed and is going to “live life to the fullest, not worry about the small things, and just enjoy life each and every day.” Margie wants to start traveling and to experience new places.

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