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If renovating your home before selling is too much of a burden, why not skip the hassle and sell as-is? In this customer story, Andrew R. explains how he made the choice to sell to Sundae.

When it comes to selling a home on the MLS, most buyers ranging from real estate agents to iBuyers require your property to be renovated before they agree to a deal.

But what if the cost of repairs is just too much?

The first question sellers need to ask is whether or not they should fix their house or sell it as is. Committing to a full slate of renovations requires time and money. For some sellers, this just isn’t realistic.

When Sundae customer Andrew R. decided to sell his home, he faced some tough decisions. There were a number of renovations necessary to get it market ready. The yard needed work, and the paint on the exterior was beginning to peel.

Even if the work was doable, Andrew simply could not afford to invest the money required to get his house ready for a traditional listing. One option was to sell an old car he had refurbished. But the car wasn’t ready to sell yet, either.

“There was a lot of little stuff that needed to get done first,” Andrew said. “I have a full-time job and very little free time, so I just needed a rest from it all.”

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The landscape of selling options

At first, Andrew considered paying for the renovations himself. He made a list of updates needed, but soon realized his list was full of pricey repairs.

He then talked to his accountant to see if he could finance the repairs himself, but once again found that this was not going to be possible. Andrew had two mortgages on his home that he was hoping he could put together to refinance.

“My credit wasn’t that good, and no one would touch or help me,” he said.

Once Andrew realized paying out of pocket for the renovations was not an option, and considering most agents and iBuyers require homes to be fully renovated before they even consider purchasing them, he ran out of options.

Finding a cash buyer was going to be his best bet.

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Stumbling upon a home sale solution

It’s strange how some things happen by chance. Sometimes life-changing events happen without you ever expecting them. It was under such circumstances that Andrew found Sundae.

Sadly, Andrew’s dad’s house was going into foreclosure at the time, and his mail was forwarded to Andrew’s house. Sundae sent a letter to Andrew’s dad, but it landed in Andrew’s lap instead. He saw our ad and decided Sundae was perfect for his situation.

Everything about Sundae was attractive to Andrew.

“I saw that you guys provide an upfront payment of $10,000 to help people relocate, and I really liked that,” he recalled. “I called you guys and someone came out and made an offer on my home. I liked the price, and I liked the guy you sent out.”

A cash sale was the right fit

Selling a house is never an easy process. Figuring out your options takes considerable time and effort. However, if you find yourself in a situation similar to Andrew’s, reaching out to Sundae may be worth considering.

Once Andrew saw everything that Sundae promised, there was no question about whether or not he was going to give Sundae a call.

When asked about his experience, Andrew had nothing bad to say. “Everything went really well. I was very pleased with the whole experience.”

“Sundae worked with my schedule. All of the associates were very pleasant to work with. Everyone was easy to talk to, and if I had any questions I got an answer almost immediately.”

Luckily for Andrew, COVID-19 had no bearing whatsoever on the process.

“If I ever meet anyone who needs a hassle-free selling experience, I will absolutely recommend you guys.”

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