Off-Market Seller’s Guide

When you sell a house off market, that means you aren't listing it on the MLS or working with a real estate agent. Instead, an off-market sale involves selling the house to a cash buyer, property investor, or fix and flipper. This guide provides an overview to help you decide if an off-market sale is right for your needs.

Off-Market Selling 101

What Does It Mean to Sell Your House Off Market?

If you’re selling your house, you might want to consider avoiding the traditional home sales process and selling off market to a cash buyer.

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5 Popular Ways to Sell a House

The way you choose to sell your home has a huge impact on the outcome and net proceeds you get. Here are a few different routes to consider.

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What is an iBuyer?

The term “iBuyer” has been growing in popularity over the past few years. What is an iBuyer and what do they do?

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What Is a Cash Offer on a House?

You may have heard of cash offers. What is a cash offer on a house? Here’s how they work and how you can benefit.

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All About Cash Homebuyers

The way you choose to sell your home has a huge impact on the outcome and net proceeds you get. Here are a few different routes to consider.

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Selling a House As Is

Thinking about selling your house as is? Read our ultimate guide for sellers looking to save time and money by skipping repairs and

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What You Should Know

Should You Sell Your Home to a Home Investor?

Factors such as how quickly you need to move and the home’s condition are common reasons to choose a home investor.

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Should You Take a Cash Offer on Your House?

Considering a cash offer on your home? Should you accept less money on the sale of your house with a cash offer? Here’s what to know.

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Should You Use an Agent to Sell Your House?

If you want to sell your house, you don't need to work with a traditional real estate agent. Here are several ways to sell your house.

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Avoiding Scams and Fraud

How to Avoid 'We Buy Houses' Scams

One drawback to selling a house to a cash buyer is “we buy houses” scams. Avoid these scams by spotting the red flags.

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How to Spot Real Estate Scams

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, watch out for these common scams and predatory real estate practices.

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Common Tactics of Predatory Homebuyers

An offer from a homebuyer that seems too good to be true should raise a red flag, especially from someone who hasn’t thoroughly looked at your property.

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Selling Off Market to Sundae

How to Decide If Sundae Is Right for You

There are many circumstances in which Sundae is the perfect option for homeowners needing to sell their house. Find out if Sundae is right for you.

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Sundae FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re selling a house, you probably have a lot of questions. Here we've compiled some of the most common questions Sundae customers ask us.

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