Claire Tak

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Claire Tak is a writer and content expert with a background in personal finance. She is an advocate for improving financial transparency and literacy through content and education. Claire's work has been featured and syndicated in Bloomberg, MarketWatch, GoBankingRates, and The Motley Fool. When she's not writing, you can find her on a snowboard, watching a movie, or traveling.

By Claire Tak on Jan 25, 2021

If you need to sell your house fast, consider these tips for a safe and speedy transaction.

By Claire Tak on Jan 13, 2021

These steps help you stay organized and help you avoid from having two mortgages.

By Claire Tak on Jan 5, 2021

Maximizing your home's attractiveness to buyers involves smart, strategic upgrades.

By Claire Tak on Dec 30, 2020

Home renovations can be an improvement, but if they're done wrong they can cause untold headaches.

By Claire Tak on Dec 6, 2020

The pricing of your home is perhaps the single most important factor when selling your house.

By Claire Tak on Nov 23, 2020

There's many reasons to sell your home to an investor versus selling on the traditional market.

By Claire Tak on Nov 12, 2020

This guide will help you understand how to manage expectations with buying and selling a house.

By Claire Tak on Oct 22, 2020

We reviewed home sales data from more than 500 of the largest metropolitan areas.

By Claire Tak on Sep 15, 2020

We'll answers frequently asked questions and includes a worksheet to help you find out.