5 Women Crushing it in Real Estate

The best way to learn about real estate investing is to emulate those who have already seen success. These five women are crushing it.

It can be intimidating for women to make the leap into real estate investing in a seemingly male dominated industry. Yet, if you look beneath the surface, women are finding great success. To become a female real estate mogul, it pays (literally) to learn from the best. And each of these women makes it their mission to not only lift and grow their business for themselves but to empower others and serve as inspiration for success.

The following five women have made their mark in all types of real estate investing. From commercial to residential, single-family flips to rentals , and more. Learn more about these real estate rockstars below.

Brittany Arnason

Brittany Arnason bought her first investment property at age 18. She’s turned this into a passionate full-time career with over 10 years in the space. During this time, she’s grown her portfolio. It started as one single-family home and became a bevy of single and multifamily properties. Recently, she’s even entered the commercial real estate game.

On her Instagram page InvestorGirlBritt, she has more than 200,000 followers. Brittany’s content shows off her formidable renovation and demolition skills. She also keeps people in the loop by posting some of her newest real estate acquisitions. Sharing her journey and tips have always been part of her mindset to pay it forward. Arnason has appeared on the Bigger Pockets podcast as well as on TV shows and in magazines.

In 2020, Arnason became a full-time commercial investor. Based out of her home in Maui, she invests in multiple markets. She began working with others in the field to identify and acquire real estate opportunities. This has led to multi-million dollar deals in the commercial and self-storage spaces!

As a firm believer in financial education, she co-founded The CRE Circle. This is an education program and investment opportunities group for both new and seasoned investors. There, you can find everything from content to coaching, and community around commercial real estate investing.

Alexis Lee

Feeling stuck? Alexis frequently offers inspiration to other people on her Instagram account, AlexisRealEstate, which has more than 30,000 followers.

She’s a real estate investor and realtor with more than 14 years in the business. With a home base in Atlanta, Lee dips her toes into many aspects of investing, from flipping to renting. On top of that, she’s an AirBnB superhost and mentor in the real estate investment space. Her journey to making passive income from real estate has inspired her to help others. She’s built courses to give people deeper insights and help people further their real estate journeys.

She left her full-time corporate job in 2020 after flipping 26 properties as a single mom. “When you’re focused, dedicated and determined, you figure out a way to make it happen,” she said in an interview on YouTube’s Rants and Gems. In addition to flipping in the Atlanta market, she has also invested out-of-state in markets including Detroit.

Ashley Kehr

Co-host of BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie podcast, Ashley Kehr has made a name for herself in the real estate investment world. She has a degree in public accounting and finance, but ended up finding her niche by building a property management company from the ground up. The Buffalo, New York native has managed residential as well as commercial real estate. Recently, she expanded into new construction apartments and commercial buildings.

Her breadth of experience across the real estate space is invaluable to new and seasoned investors. On the Real Estate Rookie podcast, she not only interviews success stories, but shares great insight into a variety of topics. Perhaps most valuable are her points about things that can go wrong and how to problem solve as things inevitably come up.

Kehr started investing for herself in 2014 by buying duplexes and single-family homes and now has more than 33 units. As part of her current strategy, Kehr outsources property management, educates new investors, and searches out deals to BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). You can watch her journey unfold on her Wealth From Rentals Instagram account, which has more than 40,000 followers.

Barbara Corcoran

Have you ever seen Shark Tank?

Barbara Corcoran is well-known as a “shark on ABC’s hit reality show. Prior to this show, Barbara had already built the largest residential realty company in New York, The Corcoran Group. Corcoran’s rise to fame started when she opened her real estate company with a $1,000 loan. Today, it’s a $5 billion business.

A true renaissance woman, Corcoran has done it all. Raised in a blue-collar family of 10 kids, she started as a diner waitress and kicked off her real estate business with $1,000 and infinite hustle. She wrote Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business! on her origin story, a must-read for real estate strivers. She does speaking engagements all over the world, and she’s often interviewed for her insight into business and real estate. Corcoran runs the Business Unusual Podcast with Barbara Corcoran.

There’s a lot to learn from this woman with a long lifetime of business and real estate experience under her belt. She has about 744,000 followers on her barbaracorcoran Instagram account, which highlights both her fun-loving humorous side and her deep business savvy.

Rashauna Scott

Rashauna Scott is a seasoned real estate investor and the founder of the 40,000-strong @flippininheels Instagram account. It’s her mission to teach women how to invest in real estate and generate generational wealth. Based in Chicago, Scott has run a real estate investment company since 2011. She paid her dues in corporate America and has a B. A. in entrepreneurship and management.

Scott is a licensed real estate broker and a certified real estate investor and runs her real estate investing company with an emphasis on helping her clients creatively buy real estate and build long-term wealth. In addition to facilitating real estate deals, Scott acts as a mentor, finance coach, and public speaker. She preaches the importance of home ownership, real estate, and financial literacy. Like all the women on this list, Scott sees real estate as a key way women can take charge of their financial futures.

Are you next?

Do you envision yourself in the mold of Brittany Arnason who bought her first real estate investment property at 18? How about someone like Alexis Lee who made the switch from a corporate job to flipping properties as a single mom? Each of the women mentioned in this article offer plenty of inspiration for what’s possible in your own real estate journey.

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