Expand Your Number of Markets With Edge

Grow your real estate business in new markets. Sundae Edge gives investors access to a number of markets across the country.

Are margins tight in your primary real estate market? It could be time to switch it up or supplement your deals in new markets.As long distance investing becomes a viable option for many investors, you’ll want to have the flexibility to operate across multiple markets. Sundae’s premium membership, Edge, enables investors to look beyond their backyards for opportunities.

Take advantage of what different markets have to offer

Regardless of your strategy, your business can benefit from casting a wider net. More markets means more places to find unexploited opportunities. Here are some reasons that people invest in multiple markets:

  • It avoids putting all of your eggs in one basket. As you know, real estate is very regional. A market that relies on one industry that is hit by hard times can greatly impact your business if conditions become unfavorable. Diversifying your markets is a way to avoid this.
  • Enter markets at different price points. You can stretch your money further in some markets than others. $500,000 in California might not go as far as it would in Texas, for example. For some investors, it makes sense to focus on less deals in more “expensive” markets. Others might value quantity. If you’re in multiple markets, you can get the best of both worlds by combining each approach.
  • Certain areas are more conducive to a given strategy than another. As a landlord, you might focus on locations where there are more favorable laws or aim for higher cash flow. A flipper may enter a market with high appreciation prospects. If you flip and rent to long-term tenants, you might want to flip in one state and rent in another. Take advantage of what different markets have to offer instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Edge membership plans

A frequently asked question Sundae users have relates to distinctions between our plans. Edge is a tiered paid membership program that enables property investors to find, win, and close investment properties across the nation all from Sundae’s Marketplace.

While there are clear differences between each plan, none is more apparent than the amount of markets you have access to.


As an Essential member, you can place offers in your primary market. In addition, you’ll be able to see deals in other areas that Sundae operates in. However, you’ll need to upgrade to place offers in more than one real estate market.


In this Edge tier of membership, you will be able to place offers in your top three markets. You’ll also be able to see opportunities in every market that Sundae operates in.


To get more than three cities into your pipeline, sign up for Edge+. With this option, you have unlimited access to deals around the country. You can place offers in any market with Edge+.

Make offers in additional markets and more with Edge

We pride ourselves on constantly striving to improve the investor experience at Sundae. When our team conceived Edge, they conducted extensive customer interviews and surveys to find out what investors want. Using these findings, we’ve created a suite of features that save time and money.

Edge members will be able to explore properties in a variety of markets, but you’ll also have access to features such as:

  • Inner Circle is our membership community. We believe that one piece of information, one person, or one idea can totally transform your business. With Inner Circle, you’ll have access to webinars, networking opportunities, and other resources unseen by non Edge members.
  • iOS Mobile App so you can invest from anywhere, anytime. Edge members receive push notifications about deals that are closing along with other pertinent information. That way, you won’t miss opportunities while you’re on the go.
  • Sundae Historical Transactions data is exclusive to our community of investors. Equipped with this information, you’ll be able to make more informed comps and offers. Meanwhile, your competition will be waiting for this information to become public at a later date. Edge members stay one step ahead.
  • Offer Position and AutoOffer. With AutoOffer, you’re able to automate your offers on Sundae’s Marketplace. It synergizes with Offer Position which allows you to see where your offer ranks amongst all the other offers on a given property. These are game changers for investors who value their time and want to save money.
  • Sundae Funding+ is a lending option that streamlines the process of purchasing properties. It builds upon our already existing offerings and lending options in certain states.

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