Invest From Anywhere Using Sundae’s Mobile App

Sundae is excited to unveil its premium membership for investors — Edge. With Edge, you get access to the new iOS app which takes your experience to the next level.

About 54% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, a number that keeps growing.

The reason?

People have their phones with them everywhere they go. From meeting with contractors to dentist appointments and everywhere in between investors stay connected with mobile. Real estate investors rely on mobile devices even moreso. Phones make it easy to manage multiple facets of their business while on the go.

That’s why we’re bringing Sundae’s Marketplace to your phone. As part of our new premium membership, Edge, investors will have access to a suite of exciting features including our iOS app. It offers the same key components as the desktop version along with all of our Edge membership features and more. Let’s see what the iOS app has to offer.

New features only found on our mobile app

After speaking with investors on our platform, it became clear that a mobile app would transform the investing experience. While the app includes everything you can find on the desktop, there are also custom features that only Edge members with the mobile app can benefit from. These enable you to grow your business and stay in the know from anywhere.

Push Notifications

When it comes to real estate auctions, bidders have to act quickly. With the Sundae mobile app, you’ll get push notifications for all transactions during an auction. Edge members will get real-time notifications to see when an investor makes an offer, when the offer has been passed, or when new homes are available in their designated market. Investors also get notified when an auction expires or if a new property is available on the market.

Not to mention, an Edge membership allows members to spot the best deals before others find them by searching our site. It takes the leg work out of finding new deals and brings them to your phone. You’ll always get the jump on new deals with quick notifications so you can act fast and stay ahead of the competition.

Map view

Wouldn’t it be convenient to know what’s on Sundae’s Marketplace in your proximity? Or even an entire town or city? Searching for your next deal is easy with the new mobile app. With the Sundae mobile app, properties automatically populate based on your exact location. With a view of the map you can then do research to find specific points of interest that appeal to potential buyers down the line such as restaurants, parks, and shops. A map view can also help you do drive-by visits to see if the area or house itself meets your criteria. The best part is that since you’re already in the area, it can become part of your route, rather than a separate trip to the area.

With a seamless transition from map view to detailed view, you can also do a 3D tour of the property before reviewing the terms and bidding. Afterwards, you can save your favorite listings and set up push notifications so you know when somebody bids on the property.

Next-level convenience: invest from anywhere

In the current environment, demand for properties is high, but supply is still low. As the competition increases, those who act quickly win opportunities. The mobile app allows you to make offers from anywhere, rather than having to wait until you’re in front of your desktop. This added speed and convenience could be the difference between winning and losing.

Now with the mobile app, you can still easily filter homes by price, lot size, number of bathrooms, and much more. The mobile app has a user-friendly and clean appearance where you can shop for homes in vivid detail. Like the desktop, here are some crucial pieces of information that you can find utilizing the Sundae mobile app:

  • Clear and high-quality listing photos
  • 3D tours
  • Floor plans
  • Inspection reports
  • Title reports

This plus push notifications and an interactive map bring speed and convenience to your investing experience. Perhaps most importantly, the iOS app gives you access to the latest Edge features designed to give you an advantage.

All new Edge features work on the iOS app

The true power of our app is that you can now use all Edge features on your phone. By combining the convenience of mobile with these features, you’re able to save time and money while winning more deals.

  • Offer Position: see where your offer ranks amongst all the other offers on a specific house. This allows you to collect vital information to understand other bids and strategies with each offer you submit.
  • AutoOffer: automate your offers on Sundae’s Marketplace. First, you set the initial offer amount and maximum offer. From there, decide what increments you’d like your offers to increase by. Sundae then increases your offer by the predetermined amount on your behalf automatically.
  • Sundae Funding+: an extension of Sundae Funding. In select locations, Sundae Funding+ helps you close in as little as 5 days and avoid late fees caused by delays on our end.
  • Sundae Historical Transactions: use this data to nail your comps, accurately predict sales prices, and place offers by seeing new sale prices before they appear in public records.

Stay one step ahead while on the go

Sundae is committed to streamlining the house buying experience for real estate investors. With an Edge Membership, users will get access to Sundae’s mobile app which puts all of Sundae’s tools in one place. Find your next investment property on your phone.

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Rob Marini

Rob Marini is a content writer for Sundae who also produces content for real estate agents, investors, and prop tech companies across the country. He works as a digital marketing specialist in Connecticut, where he resides. When he’s not designing content or learning about real estate, you can find him podcasting, playing the guitar, or watching the Philadelphia Eagles.